Dobbs, Solomon – Magnitude Of Obama Espionage Motivated Intel Professionals To “Talk”

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The Chief Operating Officer for Circa News, John Soloman, joined Lou Dobbs for a discussion which began with the most recent known espionage crimes of Susan Rice. Before he could get into that discussion, though, Dobbs just had to point out the naked hypocrisy of James Comey in some self-serving claims he made to producers of a TV series and the granting them of access to the Bureau’s New York offices.”

Comey explained his reason for agreeing to becoming a TV star, in a clip Dobbs plays, stating, “We have to care what people think of us because the faith and confidence of the American people is the bedrock that allows us to be believed and by being believed to accomplish the good that we try to do for this country.” Based upon those requirements it’s evident that Comey isn’t accomplishing nearly as much good as he thinks he is.

Dobbs asks, “You got it? Sure? I’m not sure I do. Comey also added the FBI ‘Did a lot last year that confused people.’ I did get that.”He then goes on to address the expanding role of intelligence communities in the investigation into the Obama domestic spying scandal. He asks why that’s happening.

Soloman points out that “Intelligence committees which started just looking at the Russia question are now looking at the conduct that we stumbled into, that it’s become very easy in the intelligence community for somebody to get an intercept from the NSA of an American, that was never intended to be listened to or shared, and they can now read those transcripts. And that is what’s called unmasking.”

He continues, “And when we learned that Susan Rice was looking at those transcripts of people about to take her job, the Trump administration, I think a lot of people became concerned. Noting that the unmasking request of RIce went to FISA back in July, Dobbs says, “This has been a peculiar sharing, if you will, on the part of sources of sensitive information, I’m, I think most of us are absolutely grateful to them, but they are committing, potentially, felonies here.”

Solomon makes the point that there were those patriots within the intelligence community who were deeply upset with the politicization of intelligence by the Obama operatives. He says, “I think the magnitude of what happened in the last six months of the Obama ‘presidency,’ concerned real intelligence professionals,” motivating them to talk in ways you would have never heard of five years ago.

Dobbs raises the issue of Intelligence management abusing their powers and authority, “exploiting intelligence powers for their partisan purposes.” Dobbs notes that we’ve heard from Clapper, Brennan and Comey [now Pompeo], without one scintilla of evidence to support their allegations of collusion between the Trump administration and Russia. He asks, “What is this? Is this simply a ruse to distract, to deflect and confound or what?”

Dobbs asks, “Where are the civil liberties advocates” with the violations by Rice. He knows, She’s a Democrat, and as such she’s above the law and not to be questioned.

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