Dobbs, Shaffer – Trump Needs Someone To Navigate Deep State Swamp To Drain It

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Lou Dobbs starts of his interview with Lt Col Tony Shaffer, noting that it is “fascinating and frightening, frankly, the power of the deep state right now, and their ability to blunt the power of the President of the United States, with leaks, with disinformation, it’s extraordinary. We were told that three leakers had been identified, at least three, and there would be consequences, presumably firing, and we have heard nothing since. What do you make of it?”

Shaffer replies, “Well, two things. First, I’d like to believe this is going to be diligent, but detailed. And Lou, you’ve got to get all the scoop. You’ve got to be very thorough. I’d like to believe that they’re going to make this stick. You’ve got to make examples of these folks and frankly, this relates directly to the unmasking and some very horrific things.”

He raises the issue of former Congressman Dennis Kucinich who has been surveilled by the deep state while a Congressman in his own office, saying, “Dennis is one of those folks who recognizes that it’s truly Orwellian, to think of some of the potential damage that’s been done by people on the inside doing these sorts of leaks and these sorts of compromises. So I think you’ve got to basically document everything and then when you document it you’ve got to be able to, be willing to go all the way regarding a prosecution. And that’s going to be another piece of this.”

Dobbs says, “And it is truly Orwellian when we have a national left-wing press that has given one ‘president’ a free ride for eight years and now we learn his passivity, his aversion to action and responsibility has led to immense threats against national security and he has strengthened our enemies. And I am referring specifically to ‘president’ Obama and his eight years in office.”

Our intel community,  was focused on internal political threats, not external threats

“Now,” Dobbs notes, “President Trump is faced with threats from every quarter and a media that is subversive.” Saying that Dobbs hit the nail on the head, Shaffer expands, saying, “Obama took the elements of nation state and turned them internally on his enemies. Think about this – the great power, the great good that can be done with effective intelligence collection, with the great technologies that’s been developed by our intelligence community,  was turned on its ear to focus on internal political threats, not to external threats. That’s exactly what we’re living with here.”

“So to fix that, to fix the change of momentum, the past eight years’ momentum is going to take some time. I think President Trump is learning right now, Lou, that the people who helped elect him ain’t necessarily the right folks to help him drain the swamp. You’ve got to have people with a certain level of understanding of the swamp to be able to be able to chart a course into the swamp to start draining it effectively. And I think that’s another part of what the President is trying to do right now.”

Dobbs notes the lack of a sense of urgency, that plodding along is not going to get the job done. Shaffer agrees, noting that one of the most effective tools of the deep state is the wasting of time in the effort to wear down their opponent, which is what he sees happening now to President Trump. He says a lot of the people that surround the president are not keeping up with his pace, a reality that he believes President Trump is starting to recognize.

Shaffer says he’s ready to go, and perhaps President Trump was listening. Dobbs closes by urging the President to “find some people with his energy and his work ethic and integrity.” Shaffer agrees, saying, “That’s it, and I’m with you, and I think he’s looking in that direction.” Maybe Shaffer’s already gotten a call.

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6 Comments on Dobbs, Shaffer – Trump Needs Someone To Navigate Deep State Swamp To Drain It

  1. Nancy Mayes // June 1, 2017 at 10:19 am // Reply

    Someone who knows the swamp? Newt Gingrich.

  2. It needs to be done quickly and with complete elimination of those people who are causing the problems for our country, and impeding recovery. We have a very good idea who these people are, and the snake needs its head cut off. There is enough evidence of the crimes committed against the State. This isn’t the first time we have heard the word treason in reference to a handful of them. What are we waiting for? Throw these people in jail.

  3. Trump has a few really good people he can fully rely on. He needs to bring in a few more. And then he needs to stand out of the way and let them clean the place out, beginning with the executive branch. A few good captures and prosecutions will have a domino effect. But, it won’t happen unless Trump gives them full reign. No micro-managing.

  4. CARLOS DESOUZA // May 31, 2017 at 11:09 am // Reply

    This is something that should have been worked on from the 10th November, 2016. About 200 days have been lost which has strengthened the opposition. Still, better late than never. In fact, never is not an option.

    I truly hope this marks a turn around in the fight back against the traitors.

    • Me too, Carlos – I’d like to see Shaffer in some kind of role, like the “terminator” of the deep state holdovers.

      • CARLOS DESOUZA // May 31, 2017 at 12:45 pm // Reply

        Absoutely, Rick. Tony Shaffer seems both capable and willing.

        I also hope people like Sheriff David Clarke, Trey Gowdy and even Jason Chaffetz are used by Trump to investigate and incriminate the traitors.

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