Dobbs, Shaffer – Obama Cowardice Reason US Cyber Defense Threats Laughed Off

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There is probably no greater testament to the extreme level of one’s corruption than the assessment made by Lou Dobbs regarding Hussein Obama.  Dobbs noted the lucrative speaking fees paid to the former pretend ‘president,’ ” Obama, who has accepted millions of dollars per speech, making the Clintons look pristine when it comes to the level of greed.”

Dobbs referenced the awarding of the JFK Profile in Courage Award to the criminal who formerly squatted in the White House and how he praised his own courage for backing down in the face of international challenge from Syria and Russia, the failure to follow through on his Syria red line ultimatum. Obama said that non-action required “the most political courage.” Dobbs says, “Never have we heard such self-accredited heroism about one’s own passivity.”

As Dobbs introduces Lt Col Tony Shaffer, he’s almost at a loss for words, stating two points, that Obama in his $3.5 million speech in Milan referenced himself in the first-person singular 216 times and that he seems to have bestowed upon himself a Profile in Courage Award.

Shaffer asks why Obama would call attention to his failure by giving himself an award, noting that the Syrian chemical weapons were not all removed and his administration was aware of that fact and did nothing.  He notes how Obama’s failure to follow through on his threat had its own consequences. He quotes General Anthony Zinni who said, “You can never, as a president, draw that red line and not follow through or else you will damage the prestige of that office and more importantly, people will not take you seriously,” saying, “that’s exactly what happened from that moment forward.”

Dobbs asks Shaffer, who has had a long career in cyber warfare that goes back decades, about the hacking of the Office of Personnel Management which was hacked by the Chinese, with 30 million names and data files stolen,  with the warning from the White House being that a repeat would mean war. He continues, “And now here we are in 2017, in May, watching 150 countries hit by a cyber attack, and we know full well the United States government doesn’t have the capacity to respond or forestall or defend, even, its own assets.”

Shaffer points out that General Alexander received billions of dollars to do nothing as the commander of Cyber Command and NSA. Of course he did something with the money, nobody leaves billions of dollars just laying around gathering dust, but it may have been off the record or the kind of thing that nobody pursues for political or personal safety considerations.

Shaffer also revealed that “we” knew where the information was stored by WikiLeaks and chose to do nothing with the information. Dobbs expresses his frustration saying, “I think most Americans are sick and tired of watching us act like buffoons in the face of this kind of [cyber] assault.”

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