Dobbs, Shaffer – FBI, DOJ Corruption Screams for a Special Prosecutor

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Lou Dobbs leads off the conversation by accurately remarking, at least what this revelation should be, as, “This is a blockbuster.” He sets up the dialogue to follow, stating, “The fact that the FBI’s top officials kept the Russian interference in our economy, attempting to gain access to more uranium in the United States, is just stunning.”

He continues, “And the FBI stayed on top of this, shut it down for four years, particularly during the reign of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.” Tony Shaffer concurs, saying, “This goes back to a conversation we had about two months ago. The Obama administration should have been treated like a crime scene across the board.”

Shaffer says, “Now we’re learning the FBI was not only not honest, they took the other [criminal] side. And two things about this notable. I think the FBI’s corruption started under the Bill Clinton administration. They had a twenty year plan, he, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton to, I think, put their people in place.”

“Lois Lerner being an example,” he says, “where you place your people and they become part of the pyramid of bureaucracy. McCabe, Andrew McCabe, became one of those individuals, one way or another.”

Shaffer points out a characteristic many of us are aware of as well, saying, “The second factor is that they always accuse their opposition of what they’re doing. And that’s why I think you’ve seen, Lou, such a vigorous attempt by them to smear President Trump with the Russian issue. It’s all them.”

Dobbs brings up the fact that Peter Schweizer exposed much of the uranium dealings in his book Clinton Cash, calling it arguably the biggest corruption case in American political history, noting that “it was pushed aside, denied by top FBI officials, publicly just simply ignoring it. The Obama administration not being held to account. James Comey, the Director of the FBI, putting forward a document exonerating Hillary Clinton before he’d even conducted an interview.”   [VIDEO BELOW]

Dobbs says, “This is a level of corruption that screams for a special counsel for investigations by Congress and what has everyone done? They’re looking to Russia for the collusion that existed from a year after ‘president’ Obama took office in 2010. This is madness and the American people are being poorly served by both the national left-wing media and their government.”

Shaffer makes another point, saying, “As bad as the server issue was, the Clinton Foundation issue is five orders of magnitude worse. This is pay to play and in this case, Lou, we’re talking about, as you mentioned, uranium. Strategic materials which goes to the very heart of our ability to generate nuclear material, nuclear weapons, or suppress others from getting them.”

As he’s saying we allowed and speaking in the abstract, Dobbs cuts to the guilty parties, saying, “The FBI did not say a word when the DNC refused to allow them access to the servers, which the FBI knew had been hacked by Russians cyber-attacking their, and then talking about collusion with the Russians. Why did ‘president’ Obama let that go?”

That must be a rhetorical question. He continues, “Why would you allow the FBI not to intervene?” Shaffer builds on that point, saying it circles back to the deep state, pointing to their arrogance in their certainty that they were going to win as the factor for their reckless behavior, thinking none of this would ever come out. “We would never have known this had President Trump not won.”

Visibly exasperated, Dobbs asks, “And now the question becomes, what is his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, going to do. Because he has a mountain of work in front of him. As is typical, there has been no statement from the invisible man, Attorney General Sessions.


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3 Comments on Dobbs, Shaffer – FBI, DOJ Corruption Screams for a Special Prosecutor

  1. “The Obama administration should have been treated like a crime scene across the board.” That is the most honest statement I’ve seen since all this crap started. And when will these people learn how to pronounce nuclear?

  2. Sessions works for the President. I’d sure like to know if this is a unilateral position by Sessions, or, is the President giving him his orders. If it is the President, we’re done, if it is Sessions, then were is the President.

  3. AG Sessions the INVISIBLE MAN INDEED.

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