Dobbs and Shaffer – Comey Finally Now Under Investigation By DOJ Inspector General

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Lou Dobbs opens the segment with a reminder to his audience that they’ve been calling for an investigation into and the prosecution of James Comey for months.

Dobbs announces, “And the Justice Department, we learned today, is now investigating Comey and the Department of Justice Inspector General leading the investigation on two fronts.” They’re looking at Comey’s role in the Hillary Clinton “investigation” as well as any potential violations of the Hatch Act.

The Hatch Act prohibits overt partisan political conduct on the part of our government officials. The White House is understandably pleased, though they might also be quite understandably exasperated at the length of time it took to get the investigation going.

But it gets better. The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee, Ron Johnson (R-WI), is demanding full transcripts from the interviews Mueller’s special prosecutor office conducted with FBI staffers.

An ethics complaint has also just been opened in regards to the “egregious  actions” of three Maryland attorneys who helped Hillary Clinton destroy evidence against her, the 33,000 emails that reportedly disappeared.

Dobbs also notes that what Clinton probably thought was a crime she’d gotten away with, the incident at Benghazi, is now coming back to bite her five years later. The State Department, which admitted they hadn’t searched for Clinton documents thoroughly enough to find the easily retrievable emails that had been sought, is now going back and checking the accounts of her closest advisers under a judge’s order.

Dobbs welcomes Lt Col Tony Shaffer for a discussion of the entire corrupt mess, beginning with the environment that had been crafted at the top to allow this type of thing to take place. Shaffer points out he hasn’t found a single agent at the FBI that was upset when Comey left, saying that everybody on the inside knew that the game was rigged in an omnipotent top management’s favor.

Shaffer says, “I think this is the issue now. We need to have Jeff Sessions jump in and actually do his job.” He adds that “if he can’t, he needs to step aside.” Dobbs isn’t ready to go there yet. It’s unclear how much inactivity it will take to convince him that the baton of Obama cover up has been passed by Lynch to Sessions and he’s now at full speed.

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