Dobbs – Schumer Looks Like A Wanted Fugitive With Nowhere To Hide From Trump

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Lou Dobbs sets the stage for his guests with a recap of the day’s White House activity. It took a while because it was a very busy day. Ed Rollins jumps in first, saying he thinks “it was an absolutely fabulous day for the President. I thought he showed great leadership when he made his inaugural address, he was strong and powerful and reinforced the issues that he talked about in the campaign.” He said that Trump looked the part and sounded the part of President, that “This is a guy who’s basically tough and going to show his leadership real quick.”

Dobbs notes how we’ve seen President Trump meet with business leaders before, one of his meetings in the White House from earlier in the day. We haven’t seen him meeting with labor leaders as he did later on. He noted that both groups were given “top drawer” treatment.

Michael Goodwin gives Trump high marks for keeping his promises at the first available opportunity and notes that everything we’ve seen him do to this point is something that Hussein Obama could have done but didn’t. “He could have jaw-boned these companies to try to keep them in America.” Dobb points to the many in the liberal media who are dismissing his “jaw-boning” as an improper “intervention.”

Rollins says the most shocked group to him, as he watched were the Congressional leadership, describing their entry to the room as having a “He’s really here component,” with them coming face to face with the reality that “this is him, this is the guy we’ve got to deal with, and they all paled in comparison, Schumer, Pelosi, what have you.”

Dobbs says, “Schumer looks like a wanted man, I mean, he’s a fugitive. He is hiding in plain sight and saying some of the silliest damn things one could imagine a Senate Minority Leader saying, even after the experience of Harry Reid. Rollins points to one instance of Schumer’s nonsense, his portraying the Trump cabinet as a swamp cabinet. He describes the composition of the cabinet as an argument against his claims, saying “This is a cabinet that’s got members of Congress, it has governors, it has generals. It’s not full of billionaires, they’re successful businessmen, some of whom may have made a billion, but it’s not full of billionaires. It’s full of very successful people.

Goodwin points out that as long as Trump is doing the people’s business like he promised to do, Schumer is going to be looking for an angle that doesn’t exist.

Lou Dobbs make a point of saying, “I am so proud of Sean Spicer. He stood up today and he handled a motley crew of White House Press Corps that, I mean they went from the trivial to restating the obvious and the previously stated, he was patient.” Dobbs said, “I would have imagined a lesser man would have had his thumbs around somebody’s throat because they were absolutely asinine, superior, condescending and wrong. I mean they were just awful.”

Goodwin recognized that the first question asked in the first briefing did not go to the Associated Press but it instead went to Daniel Halper of the New York Post. The Trump administration is doing things their way and after the shabby treatment they’ve received over the course of the campaign and after, some modifications have been made.

Dobbs adds, “What I love is Sean Spicer was right and yet we were treated to two days of nonsense. He said ‘the largest audience.’ His word, not crowd, not national mall, audience. It’s just aggravating.”

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