Dobbs – Ryan, Priebus Serving Allies, Not President Trump Or America

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts “on President Trump’s efforts to drain the swamp, as Republicans try to place and avoid blame for the Ryancare debacle. OMB Director and former Freedom Caucus member Mick Mulvaney, who has an enviable perspective, acknowledged that the swamp critters won Friday, when Speaker Ryan pulled the healthcare bill.”

Dobbs reminds his audience it was “the very same bill that for weeks Ryan had breezily and brazenly, it turned out, assured everyone it would pass.” While Mulvaney recognized the rottenness of DC as the root cause, Reince Priebus chose a different path. He defended his close friend Paul Ryan and instead said “The President was 100% correct in blaming conservatives for Ryancare’s failure.”

“Really,” says Dobbs, “even thought the bill had only 17% support in the final polling. Priebus actually had the chutzpah to say that the conference should have voted for the unpopular and potentially devastating legislation.” He plays a clip of Priebus threatening conservatives with being left out of the process in favor of “moderate Democrats.”

Dobbs labels that a “brilliant idea,” noting, “So after trying to pass a bad bill, in Ryancare, that Priebus actually called a good bill, Priebus now wants to reach out to the Dems, who’ve obstructed every damn thing that President Trump has tried to do since he took the oath of office, rather than write an outstanding, strong bill based on the President’s promises and values.

“I called on Ryan to resign nearly two weeks ago,” Dobbs points out, “as the audio of his disparaging and insulting remarks about President Trump were released, as Ryan declared before the election he would never defend or support Donald Trump. And still, some of his friends in the White House defend him, his politics, his RINO politics and his constant incompetence.”

“And while I greatly admire President Trump’s loyalty,” says Dobbs, “I desperately wish it were reciprocated by those who should be faithfully and exclusively serving President Trump, rather than old friends, allies and previous presidents.”

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