Dobbs, Rep Meadows – American People Not Stupid, Watching Spineless Ryan And McConnell

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Congressman Mark Meadows joins Lou Dobbs for a discussion of the swamp and the resistance to President Trump’s agenda as well as the situation surrounding the spending bill and the House and Senate leadership.

They agree that the additional military spending is a win but there was a long list of the President’s priorities left off and Dobbs is wondering why. Noting that beyond the military spending there are a number of key areas, such as “How do we address sanctuary cities, how do you make sure that we build the wall, how do you deal with the some of the refugee crises that we have and  the resettlement, you know, this bill was silent on a lot of those presidential priorities and I would say the priorities for the American people.”

Meadows says, “And yet here we are being asked to vote on it and fund the government going forward, so, will we have a lot of conservative defections? Yes, I think the President shares that frustration, though. You saw today where he was talking about maybe we need a good shutdown, I think that’s more about the frustration that we need to get 51 votes in the Senate.”

Dobbs is getting irritated at people putting the blame on President Trump, saying, “House Speaker Paul Ryan, his leadership team, these fellows need to do a lot of explaining, not the President of the United States. The President has had a historic beginning to his Presidency, he’s outworking any three people on the Hill, forgive me for saying so and I’ll except present company because I know that you’re working your tail off trying to move the President’s agenda, Congressman.”

Dobbs adds, “But I’ve got to say, this leadership, this is a Speaker who has blown it on healthcare” and goes on to rip on Paul Ryan in a totally deserved manner. A frustrated Dobbs asks, “How many failures can this man pile up and how many obstacles can he present to the President of the United States, to the Republican Party, the American people?”

Meadows points out, “The American people are not going to accept any more so to your point, is the President working harder? Even including myself, who I think I work around the clock, trying to not only move the ball forward but make sure that we get things done, the President out works me. I mean, I can be on the phone with him at midnight and a gain at 5:30 the next morning. And so he is working for the American people and if more people knew that they would have a greater appreciation.

Regarding the leadership, Meadows says, “We’ve got to deliver this week on healthcare. If  we don’t, it will be a failure of gargantuan proportions. So, the leadership has to do that, but not just here in the House, in the Senate as well. What people are tired of are excuses and if we’re going to drain the swamp, send us all home, we’ll get new leadership and start over. Perhaps we couldn’t do any worse than what we’ve done so far.”

An exasperated Lou Dobbs addresses the traitors in the Republican leadership and ranks, saying, “For the Party not to support this President, the American people are not stupid. They are watching Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell,” saying, “By God it’s time for the Republicans to act like they know what they’re doing and have triple digit IQs and spines and follow this President’s lead.” Though spines would be welcome, a recognition that they’ve made a promises and no excuses will be accepted is really what is in desperate need among his colleagues.

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