Dobbs – Rep Lewis Represents Pitiable Left, Out Energy, Ideas And Time

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts to share “on the utterly despicable efforts by the left to subvert Donald Trump’s presidency. I’ve been warning about the left’s campaign of subversion for weeks now, from almost the day Donald Trump won the White House. The President-elect is set to take the oath of office just one week from today. And the left is continuing to do all it can to undermine his presidency.”

Dobbs observes, “Democrat Congressman John Lewis even went so far as to say he does not see Trump as a “legitimate” president. He’s not alone and frankly, all of them saying things like that, they don’t mean it, they know better, but it works for them for now. Unfortunately, Lewis also testified against Senator Sessions, in so doing attacked him in the most unreasonable, unfactual, unfair manner.”

Mr. Dobbs believes “Lewis should be ashamed, but of course he was simply practicing the sordid politics of destruction, of delegitimization that is at work now in Washington DC on the part of the left. But such is the left of 2017, with dwindling support and rising contempt for our political system, our values, our institutions of government.”

“The left has been rendered pitiable,” says Dobbs, “out of energy now, out of ideas, and out of time.” He notes that “Lewis’s comments come as the Justice Department’s Inspector General opens an investigation into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation. The new Inspector General investigation is pure politics, of course, simply convenient cover for Mrs. Clinton and her already disgraced campaign; perhaps cover as well for the Obama administration.”

“There is no rewriting of the history that she, the Clinton Foundation, the DNC, the Democrat leadership wrote last year,” Mr. Dobbs points out. “They descended into the swamp of corruption and through their lies, their deceit and dishonesty, they delegitimized their own Democrat Party and the Obama ‘presidency,’ and still lost the Presidency that might have been hers.”

Dobbs reminds his audience, “It’s now up to President Donald J. Trump to drain the DC swamp and to raise up this country. And hang on, please hang on, because we have just under a week to go. So hang on and hang on tight.”

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