Dobbs, Rep Franks – GOP Congress Silent On HIT MAN MUELLER To Gain RESPECTABILITY

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Lou Dobbs notes that his guest, Rep Trent Franks (R-AZ), has called on Robert Mueller to resign as special prosecutor, and asks him if it is still possible, politically, for President Trump to fire Mueller. Franks says that while it’s still possible it might not be in President Trump’s best interest to do so.

He continues, “But you know I absolutely believe this counsel should never have been appointed and I said early on that even though Mueller has cultivated a pretty good reputation, that most of these special counsels go off the rails and certainly this one has. And I think Mr. Mueller is hurting his reputation, because of the partisan way he’s gone forward with this, he’s not been a real arbiter of justice here at all, Lou.”

Franks points out, “Just the fact that he is looking at the statute that requires him to disqualify himself and ignores it undermines his very credibility as someone ostensibly upholding the law.” He adds that even if he gets away with it it’s undermining his ultimate credibility.”

Dobbs focuses on the words chosen by Franks, of him “getting away with it,” telling it like it is. He says, “This is a man trying to get away with something that he knows is illegal. He is already demonstrating himself because he is ignoring the language and the spirit of the statute, and is, with all of these conflicts of interest, whether it be with his personal relationship with Director James Comey who the man he’s investigating fired, or whether it be with his checkered career as a prosecutor himself and leader of the FBI.”

Dobbs notes, “The man has a checkered background. I don’t understand the acclaim with which his name was met to be special counsel because it is, I think, a highly questionable record.” Franks points out that if Mueller were simply trying to be on the jury of a case like this, he would summarily be dismissed immediately because of an obvious conflict of interest.

Franks points out that the mere appearance of a conflict of interest is enough to disqualify Mueller, and that the language says he shall be disqualified. Dobbs asks, “So why aren’t we hearing from your judiciary committee, the Senate judiciary committee, why aren’t we hearing from those chairs, why aren’t we hearing from Mitch McConnell and Speaker Ryan and demanding that this be straightened out and made right now?”

Franks points out how each side, on the subversive left and his cowardly colleagues on the right are willing to dismiss the best interests of the country for different reasons, providing some very telling insight.


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