Dobbs – Relocate Swamp Creatures Ryan, McConnell To Somewhere High And Dry

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “what passes for leadership on Capitol Hill. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ‘graciously’ delaying recess to work on healthcare, even though the Senate is in session only half the year anyway.”

“But Republican leaders in the House are committed to their five week recess next month, despite being in session just 145 days in total.” Dobbs asks, “What a job there in the House, huh? Here’s speaker Ryan, splaining it to all the great unwashed, untouchable citizenry.”

He plays a clip of Ryan declaring that the House is “far ahead of the pace” because the House can move a lot faster than the Senate, saying, “But right now we plan on hitting our mark, getting our work done, and making sure that we fulfill all of our responsibilities.” Dobbs takes issue with Ryan’s assessment.

“Good Lord,” says Dobbs, “far ahead of the pace? Good Lord Almighty. The House barely passed a healthcare bill back in May, voting, are you ready for this, 217 to 213. And as for a budget, tax reform, infrastructure, they appear to be nowhere close as of right now, much like their colleagues in the Senate when it comes to healthcare.”

“President Trump today issued a warning, a firm warning,” Dobbs notes, “that he will be angry if Congressional Republicans can’t or won’t get it done on healthcare.” He plays a clip of President Trump saying he’s waiting with pen in hand for a bill, noting that the GOP passed repeal and replace 61 times when it didn’t mean anything.

Dobbs says, “The President’s right. Those other times meant nothing and it all means everything now. Of course McConnell and Ryan not particularly effective in getting anything done, no matter their title, no matter their length of service.”

He point out that they have sponsored a combined 15 pieces of passed legislation between the two of them in a half century of being in Congress.  Dobbs says, “The swamp they have lived in and have worked in for so long urgently now needs draining.”

He adds, “And they need to be helped to some other place, some place higher and dryer, forevermore.”

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3 Comments on Dobbs – Relocate Swamp Creatures Ryan, McConnell To Somewhere High And Dry

  1. There NOT ” failed ” GOP leadership !!!! their bought controlled and led on a leash for the right amount ALL personal gain STOP career politicians implement TERM LIMITS !!! and take this country out of these rich ass thugs grip Hang em all out to dry

  2. Could you tell your buddy Ed Rollins to speak so we can understand what the hell he is saying.

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