Dobbs Recommends Obama Take His Own Advice, Be Quiet – Disappear Like A Real President

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “a man working full time against President Trump, a man who has worked against, many would say, the interests of the United States for years. ‘President’ Obama left the Oval Office some three and a half months ago and since then his intervention, his interference in the Trump administration’s agenda only worsens by the day.”

Dobbs says, “This former ‘president’s’ actions are now utterly outside the tradition of former presidents, who have historically always given way to the newly elected president. And the Obama actions are conscious, willfully insulting and subversive.” He addresses Obama’s mendacity and that of the left, noting that Obama had on the night prior called on Congress to act on his behalf.

He said, “Mr. Obama urged Congress to save his disastrous and rapidly deteriorating signature law, even though the former ‘president’ and the Dems never had either the ‘courage,’ as he put it, or the integrity to fix the flawed ACA over a period of about 7 years.”

“Mr. Obama, ” says Dobbs, “is now desperately working to try to save more of his polarizing, even toxic legacy, the Paris Climate Agreement. The former ‘president’ delivering a speech on climate change in Italy tomorrow. His speech timed to be the same day as the Trump Administration meets to consider leaving the Paris Climate Agreement.”

Dobbs notes that “Obama’s ego couldn’t resist weighing in on a couple of President Trump’s executive orders either. And ahead of yesterday’s election in France, Obama endorsed Emmanuel Macron, as he cutely claimed he’s not planning to get involved in many elections now.”

“In his final press conference,” Dobbs reminds us, “Mr. Obama said he would only speak when he felt ‘core values’ were at stake.” Dobbs plays a clip of Obama saying in that press conference that he wanted to be quiet a little bit and not hear himself talking “so darn much.”  Dobbs says, “Let me assure the former ‘president,’ most Americans definitely join you in your desires to be quieter, and for you to be heard, far, far less.”

He adds, “And for you to show every bit as much respect for the President who succeeded you as President George W. Bush did for you.”

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