Dobbs – President Trump Must Unleash Maximum Force On Corrupt, Toxic Dems

lou dobbs

Lou Dobbs offers a few thoughts “on the politics of convenience in the left wing national media’s war against President Trump and his administration. It is nothing less than that, a war.”

Dobbs says, “The New York Times and its reporting on a meeting between Donald Trump Junior and a Russian attorney wrote this: “News of the meeting…blunted whatever good feeling the President’s team had after his trip to Europe for the Group of 20 economic summit meeting.”

Dobbs snaps back, “It wasn’t just a good feeling, it was an extraordinary success on the part of an American President in Europe, talking about defending Western civilization, its values and the importance of all of that as a foundation for the globe’s future.”

“But it was rather clever of the Times, right?” Dobbs points out, “The Times taking note of the timing and the impact of its carefully orchestrated attack on our President and in this instance his son as well. This isn’t the left-wing national media’s first conveniently timed attack.”

He observes, “What makes it perhaps unique is it is the first time they’ve actually crowed about their perfidy as they commit their venal acts against this President and his family. Back in May, the Times and Washington Post reported President Trump shared Israeli Intelligence with Russia, a report that came less than a week before his meeting with Netanyahu.”

“And as the President embarked on that trip to meet with the Prime Minister, his first abroad, the Times and Washington Post again delivered a one-two punch; carefully orchestrated, carefully timed. The Times reporting President Trump told Russian officials that James Comey was a real nut job.”

He continues, “And the Post reported a current White House official had been identified as a person of interest in the Russia probe. That person, the President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Both reports cited unnamed sources and came right after the President had started his trip to Saudi Arabia.”

Dobbs says, “The timing of the reports is obviously no coincidence, designed to deflect maximum attention away from the President’s goals, objectives and his success. The left-wing national media and the Dems, working to subvert this President, his administration and his family.”

Dobbs points out that “Nothing less than a response of equal or greater force will stop the corrupt and toxic elements of the left in this country and the deep state. And it is time to unleash that response, past time, in fact.”

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