Dobbs – President Gave A Great Speech As Irrelevant Dems Sat On Their Hands

lou dobbs


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts “on President Trump’s first address to Congress, his message of both unity and resolute determination to make America great again.” He notes that “President Trump’s address was widely praised. In fact a CBS news poll, yes, that CBS, shows 76% of Americans who watched the President’s address approved.”

Dobbs continues, “By the same margin they declared the speech to be positive. The majority of viewers also describing Mr. Trump’s speech as presidential, unifying and inspiring, and they’re right. He delivered a stemwinder, an outstanding speech; powerful, inspiring and commanding. And I believe that was in part because President Trump talks about all Americans, the American people about whom he cares greatly.”

“Unlike his predecessor,” note Dobbs, “President Trump talks about we, the people. The President used the word ‘we’ more than 110 times in last night’s speech. And when you include ‘our’ and ‘us,’ the total rises to more than 220 instances of first person plural mentions. President Trump made only 50 mentions of himself.”

“In comparison,” says Dobbs, “‘president’ Obama in his first address to a joint session of Congress, in 2009, referred to himself 84 times and first person plurals weren’t ever overused by Mr. Obama. Last night was a remarkable evening for the President,” says Dobbs, “and not even the churlish, petty left, who refused to rise from their seats could honestly say they were surprised by his performance.”

“They both understand and fear,” Dobbs notes, “this President’s capacity and his determination, and their increasingly diminished political fat, and their increasingly diminished political fate.

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