Dobbs – Parts of Left-Wing National Media Have Simply Lost Their Minds

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “what appears to be a mass psychosis that has overwhelmed the left-wing national media. Not only have many news outlets detached themselves from reality,” says Dobbs, “but they have also begun reporting and describing ever growing delusions.”

“The Associated Press, for example,” says Dobbs, “obviously imagines itself in a leading role in the left-wing media’s war against President Trump, who in their view has disintermediated the Associated Press from its audience, threatening not only AP’s relevance but its very existence. The AP, raging against its rising irrelevance, wrote this: ‘President Donald Trump can’t be counted on to give accurate information to Americans when violent acts are unfolding abroad.'”

Dobbs – Think of the Massive Stupidity of that Statement by Associated Press

Dobbs says, “I want you, if you will, to think of the massive stupidity of that statement. In point of fact AP is jealous of the President and actually jealous of their future. That’s the AP’s way of saying if you read or listen to President Trump speaking directly to the American people, then what will be the role of the AP?”

“NBC Nightly News also apparently filled with fear and sanctimonious nonsense of its own,” says Dobbs. “It refused to report on a retweet by President Trump about fears of a new terrorist attack in London over the weekend. NBC argued this, ‘the info is unconfirmed.’ Of course the President was right, the attack was absolutely terrorism. The President was right as he has been in every instance he has declared an act to be radical Islamist terrorism. And NBC News, as is too often the case, was wrong.”

Dobbs notes, “NBC, in the grip of its own special struggle with reality, was forced to issue a correction after falsely claiming that Russian President Putin ‘does not deny having compromising information’ on President Trump during an interview. It was exactly that that he declared, he being Putin. But the nastiest psychotic behavior originating with CNN host Reza Azlan, supposedly a reporter on religious affairs, who went scatalogical  slurring President Trump.”

“CNN responded to calls for Azlan’s firing, Dobbs points out, “by declaring that the show that Azlan hosts is not a CNN show, that is, they contract for the show. Azlan is not therefore a CNN employee, adding, ‘that kind of discourse is never appropriate.’ CNN defining that slur against the President of the United States as discourse says just about all we need to know about CNN.”

Dobbs says, “Parts of the left-wing national media have simply lost their minds

Dobbs says, “Parts of the left-wing national media have simply lost their minds, and their efforts to blame President Trump for their psychotic episodes isn’t remotely rational or persuasive. They’ve simply gone over the top and around the bend. How far have they gone? A recent Harvard study found the national left-wing media’s coverage of the President’s first 100 days ‘set a new standard for negativity.'”

Dobbs adds, “And it appears that the second 100 days will move in precisely the same direction. And that’s, sadly, the only standard most of the elitist members of the fourth estate still recognize in their current angry, addled condition, incapable of seeing with clear eyes the accomplishments of President Trump and his administration, the venality of the left, and the challenges that we all still face as a nation.

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