Dobbs – Obama Dismissive Arrogance Hurts Support In Legacy Scramble

lou dobbs


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts “as we’re only fifteen days from a Republican controlled White House and Congress, a Republican government, if you will.” He notes, “The Republicans united in their need to urgently repeal and replace Obamacare now. The left of course and ‘president’ Obama have, well they’re so aggravated and they’ve energized themselves in what appears to be a quixotic effort trying to stop Trump, stop the Republican Congress, stop the Republican Senate, stop any Republican, block any legislation and any Trump nominee.”

Dobbs observes how difficult it is to motivate Obama to visit Capitol Hill, but his ticking clock and lack of legacy were enough to drag him down one more time, his first visit since June of 2015. Obama was supposed to “cheerlead the Democrat hari-kari moment, the symbolism of Mr. Obama’s presence was supposed to be powerful stuff, the cameras feeding on it.”

As Dobbs points out, it didn’t work out that way, largely because “he’s had only a distant and exceedingly cold relationship with Congress.” Dobbs recalls a quote from the New York Times in 2014 in which the reporter stated, “The relationship between Obama and Capitol Hill left Mr. Obama with few friends at all on the Hill, which, ‘could imperil his efforts to leave a legacy in his final stretch.'”

He reminds us that “Obama only dared to visit when his signature health care law and his ever-diminishing legacy is at stake. It’s his only claim to legacy,” says Dobbs, remarking that this visit was only Obama’s 14th since taking office and the first since he unsuccessfully attempted to rally Democrats in support of his globalist trade and anti-sovereignty deals, most noteworthy being the TPP, which he failed to do.

Dobbs notes that it is clear Trump will have a much different approach to working with Congress than has his predecessor. Dobbs says, “Trump is clearly a man of action, he will act. He’s sure of himself and the country’s future. His values and his objectives are clear and they are this nation’s values. Trump, unlike Obama, won’t withdraw from the arena. He lives in it, he thrives there. And he will revel in the debate and the brawls with loyalists or detractors, Republicans or Democrats, establishment politicians or political outsiders.”

He adds, “In my opinion, the country, no matter what Hollywood or the silly, left-wing elites would have you believe, is eagerly awaiting Trump’s presidency.

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