Lou Dobbs – NFL Attacks On America Make It No Longer Just A Game

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Lou Dobbs shared a few thoughts on his program Monday “on the NFL and its protest controversy.”

He says, “When President Trump criticized the NFL this weekend for permitting some players to protest during the National Anthem, the President called that conduct disrespectful and called on NFL owners and leaders to stop it.”

Dobbs notes, “Commissioner Roger Goodell responded, he responded by attacking the President. Goodell called the President’s criticism ‘divisive’ and then he arrogantly claimed the President’s words suggest what he called an “unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all of our players.”

Dobbs corrects Goodell, saying, “No, only the players who have been so offensive as to sit, to kneel, and ignore the national anthem and our flag. Goodell has continued to pander to the players rather than lead them for far too long.”

“Goodell even suggests,” says Dobbs, “it’s somehow out of bounds for the leader of our nation to ask our country’s most successful athletes and visible role models to honor our anthem, our flag, our country.”

“The President is right to say the NFL’s leadership is an embarrassment and a disgrace,” Dobbs says. “It began when Goodell let Colin Kaepernick insult our flag and the values of our country and demonstrate against law enforcement in this country. That’s what started all of this.”

Dobbs omits the Obama – Holder tag team in Ferguson that spilled over into sports, that really started it, but then you could take it back to the hood rats holding up black power fists at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. It’s safe to say that Kaepernick was the point man for the left’s latest round.

Dobbs reports that “Now the players union wants the whole month of November to protest more of America. Goodell and the privileged player-protester elitists are trying to destroy what was once a great game. And it’s time to hold them all accountable, in the marketplace.”

Showing two photos of NFL players from Sunday in a side by side screen, Dobbs asks, “Which would you rather have your child emulate, the player on the left or the right? Odell Beckham pretending to urinate in the end zone like a dog or Alejandro Villanueva, who stood tall when all of his teammates were weak-kneed and cowardly and cowered in the locker room.”

“There’s no other word for what they have become,” says Dobbs, although a few that aren’t television friendly spring to mind. “They’ve been following the lead of their commissioner and perhaps their union, but it’s certainly high time they followed the lead of their President.”

“Some have argued this is just sports,” says Dobbs. “They’ve accused President Trump of making this too big an issue, creating a distraction from the real issues, at a time when we’re challenged by devastating disasters and murderous rogue regimes.”

He says, “But President Trump is bringing into the national conversation the reality that has been ignored by previous presidents, that the left’s attack on our country takes many forms and respect for our values, our heritage and certainly our nation, must be asserted. Values like we saw on Sunday, Alejandro Villanueva standing tall, fearless proud.”

Dobbs contrasts Villanueva with, “And then you see this, 8-year-old players in Belleville, IL,  forced by their coaches to kneel during the national anthem, emulating the NFL players, third graders. Pee-wee football players forced to kneel, being indoctrinated against the national values that we all treasure, nearly all of us, that have made us free and successful as a nation.”

Dobbs asks, “Who is the better role model – Villanueva or the players who sit in disrespect of all that we hold dear? This is how serious it is. That’s why our President has chosen to challenge the failure of leadership on the part of the NFL. Because after all, this is now no game.”

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3 Comments on Lou Dobbs – NFL Attacks On America Make It No Longer Just A Game

  1. Seems now a days, all good things that were, are coming to an end.

  2. For any player to bring their political BS to the game of football is nothing short from being putrid! It takes me back to the 1968 Olympics when Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fist in their own mindless protest. Where did that get them? Stripped of their Olympic medals! In 1968, when the greatest generation saw that, they were infuriated and rightfully so! After fighting in WWll, Korea and some in Viet Nam, THOSE were the men and women that could show you what bravery really was and is! That generation love this country and taught their young to love this country. Somewhere, though, these “knotheads” playing a game chose to disrespect our country, our flag, our veterans and so much more. More over, Goodell chose to do the same as he attacked President Trump for disrespecting those doing the disrespecting!! Goodell, in my opinion, you are equally as screwed up as those players… A true leader of the NFL would have played it as those who ran the 1968 Olympics! Those men were appalled by Smith and Carlos’ actions and those two lost their medals. Those MEN, who were in charge of the Olympics in 1968, were not pussies and stood up for what was right by not tolerating anyone bringing their political views into the Olympics. For the players who love this country, God bless you!

  3. NFL should stand for the National Anthem period.

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