Dobbs – Nasty Swamp Creature Mueller Assembling Clinton Team In Trump Coup

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “the deep state now working overtime, working to subvert President Trump and his entire administration. Special counsel Robert Mueller, already loading his staff with Democrat supporters, Democrats they are and at least four of the prominent members of his team have been donating to Dems for some time.

Dobbs identifies the four individuals, all clearly partisan Democrats, as “Deputy solicitor general Michael Dreeben, donated to Hillary back in 2006. Both Andrew Weismann, who headed the fraud section at the Department’s Criminal Division, and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jeannie Rhee also donated to Hillary Clinton as well as ‘president’ Obama and the DNC. “

He continues, “James Quarles, who served as Special Assistant Prosecutor on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, also given money to Clinton, Obama, various Democrat Congressional campaigns. Oh yes, they’re quite a bunch to be on the Special Counsel that’s supposed to be independent to the point of not being part of government and not being part of politics itself.”

“As for Mueller,” says Dobbs, “he has his own conflicts of interest. He’s known James Comey since at least 2003. The two men worked together, they’ve been described as brothers in arms, working side by side in the Justice Department during the Bush-era surveillance showdown and in 2007 Comey said of Mueller, ‘He’s one of the finest people I’ve ever met.’ Comey himself even admitted to leaking his own memos to a friend to leak to the New York Times, in order to help prompt the appointment of a special counsel. And that result was achieved.”

Dobbs says, “The left and the deep state are thrashing about now, they’re fighting as hard as they can to preserve the status quo and the establishment’s orthodoxy in what is turning out to be a political mortal battle against the President. So far only one Republican leader has had the brains and the guts to call for an end to the Senate and House Intel investigations of alleged collusion with the Russians.”

Dobbs credits RNC national chairwoman Rona McDaniel with calling for an end to all of these blatant partisan exercises quickly, noting that Mueller has proven that he is incapable of being truly independent.

He closes, saying, “This is, no matter what else you want to style it, an absolute witch hunt against the President of the United States at best. At worst it’s outright orchestrated acts of subversion of his lawful presidency. End the special counsel, end the Senate and House so-called investigations. And let’s get on with draining this swamp of these nasty, nasty creatures.

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2 Comments on Dobbs – Nasty Swamp Creature Mueller Assembling Clinton Team In Trump Coup

  1. Desperate to insure the US continues to try to hurt Russia. Meanwhile Russia is building more advanced weapons that we can not defeat. Meanwhile Russia is collecting alies, as in China, India, Iran, Pakistan and 15 others. That SCO group represents 3/4s of the population of the world. Meanwhile the forces of evil are shrinking. Those that are traitors to help the atheist zionist conrol the world while their world is shrinking by the billions every other week.

  2. Eldon Andersen // June 13, 2017 at 11:31 am // Reply

    This Democrate needs to be relieved,NOW

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