Dobbs, Napolitano – Rice Committed Felonies Unmasking And Sharing If Personal In Nature

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Judge Andrew Napolitano joins Lou Dobbs for a discussion of the probable criminal actions of former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice. Dobbs notes in the introduction that Judge Napolitano has stated to him that Rice was entitled to ask for the unmasking of names of Trump officials under the proper circumstances, “but to do so  for purposes other than national security could be considered espionage.”

Napolitano explains that the revelation of names protected as top secret, which those caught in surveillance efforts are, by law, “the failure to maintain state secrets, and that’s espionage.” He points out, “This is the same crime that Hillary Clinton probably committed when she put state secrets on a non-secure server in the basement of her and her husband’s home.”

Napolitano says, “Susan Rice, as the ‘president’s’ national security adviser, can ask for any unmasking she wants. But she’s only entitled to unmask a name under the code of federal regulations that carefully regulate this, if ‘it is necessary to comprehend the conversation that he person was participating in.'”

Dobbs responds, “We just heard Congressman Peter King say that the material that he saw, which is the same material as looked at by the national security adviser, Susan Rice, was all personal in nature.” The Judge interjects, “Well then she probably committed a felony. If she asked for names to be unmasked, that she knew were not involved in conversations pertaining to national security, she committed espionage. She probably also committed other crimes, like, it’s a form of computer hacking.”

Napolitano continues, “If she’s interested in what Donald Trump and Paul Manafort were talking about the night before Mr. Trump gave his speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and if she gets that, that is a profound violation of federal law. And if she repeats it to somebody else, it’s another violation of federal law.

In displaying his mastery of the understatement, Judge Napolitano says, “This might be something bigger than idle curiosity, it might be something even worse than the use of American intelligence for political purposes. It might be an effort by the outgoing administration to destabilize the incoming administration, which would be a scandal of profound importance.”

Dobbs points out that weaponized intelligence is abhorrent to the American people and that there are a lot more questions than answers about what that ‘president’ and administration was up to. Napolitano says that fingers are going to begin to point at a person from whom we haven’t heard a peep since January 20th.” Napolitano points out he’s the only person with whom she could have potentially legally discussed the unmasked names, if it was done for the right reasons and if they had been properly acquired, Hussein Obama.

He’s the guy  who’s conveniently roaming around parts unknown, supposedly in French Polynesia for a month, without his domestic partner, prop children or “grandma,” who are also on the lamb somewhere, laying low until the heat’s off. That could take a while.

Fortunately Valerie’s living with them so she can go to Walmart for the groceries and Jack Daniels. Hopefully they’re going to need a lot of Jack Daniels.

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