Dobbs – N Korea Nuclear Armed Satellites, EMP Attack A Serious, Imminent Threat


Lou Dobbs warns that North Korea could be in the process of preparing to hit the United States with an Electro-Magnetic Pulse attack, which would have devastating effects on the United States power grid and virtually all computers, including chips inside devices, cars and appliances. He notes that there are “two satellites already orbiting above America, according to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry,” his guest and the Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security.”

Noting that Pry is also the Chief of Staff for a Congressional EMP Commission, Dobbs welcomes him to the program. He remarks that it will probably come as a surprise to most Americans that not only does North Korea have the capability to launch satellites but they also could configure them with nuclear weapons capable of striking the United States with an EMP.

Pry and his colleagues have been trying for years to get the media’s attention on this issue; Dobbs assures him he has it now.  Dobbs asks how realistic is this threat, in your judgment? These two satellites, they are circumnavigating at low earth orbit?”

Pry responds, “Well, it’s such a serious threat that we have recommended that these satellites be shot down, because it’s too great of a risk to take. We don’t know if they are nuclear armed but if they are nuclear armed, just one of these satellites, if they’ve got a super EMP weapon in them, which we think that the North Koreans have probably got, could destroy the US electric grid, not just for a temporary blackout but a blackout that could last months.”

Pry continues, “We only have enough food to feed the American people for about 30 days and the EMP Commission estimates that if a blackout lasted one year, and an EMP attack could do that, it could cause a protracted blackout lasting more than a year, we could lose millions of people to starvation, disease and societal collapse.”

Pry describes an Electro Magnetic Pulse attack as “a high tech means of killing people the old-fashioned way, through starvation, disease and societal collapse.” Dobbs asks Dr. Pry to define a super EMP weapon. Pry calls it “a weapon of special design. It’s designed to create an EMP, it’s not designed to create a big explosion. It puts out gamma rays, so its yield can be very low, between one to ten kilotons.  And most of the North Korean nuclear weapons that have been tested have been in that yield range.”

“Moreover,” says Pry, “we were told by Russian generals, EMP experts back in 2004…that the design information for the Russians’ super EMP weapon has supposedly accidentally been transferred to North Korea and that there were Russian scientists and Chinese scientists helping the North Koreans develop that weapon.”

He describes a successful test of a super EMP as appearing to look like a failure, in that it would be low yield while putting out a very strong gamma pulse. Dobbs asks, “Is our government, is our military prepared against an EMP attack? I know, for the most part I would assume the civilian sectors of our economy and our nation are not, but at least our government and our military, are they prepared?”

“They are prepared for some kinds of EMP attack,” says Pry, “from nuclear weapons of conventional design. But a super EMP weapon creates such extraordinarily powerful EMP fields that they would exceed the hardening requirements that we have generally followed for our military forces.”

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