Dobbs – Mexico Canceled Meeting Because Trump Is A Real President

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Lou Dobbs has a few stinging thoughts “on the Mexican President and the mess that is his presidency and Mexico. Pena Nieto is an incredibly unpopular president, the most unpopular, in fact, in decades. Both he and his wife are accused of corruption and corruption in Mexico is rampant.”

“The powerful drug cartels,” says Dobbs, “hold sway over much of the country, if not most of it. Violence is a part of daily life in almost all of Mexico, and so is grinding poverty and pervasive corruption. Even though Mexico’s economy has stalled, Pena Nieto did not hesitate to raise gasoline prices on his citizens, half of whom live below the poverty line.”

He points out that the fifty percent poverty level is occurring despite the immense transfer of wealth from the US to Mexico under NAFTA. The Mexican Peso took a further hit on the news of the cancelled meeting between Nieto and President Trump, having fallen 13.8% since Mr. Trump was elected President.

Dobbs says, “Many of our friends south of the border are outright panicked about President Trump’s promise to build the border wall to enforce our immigration laws and our border security and the uncertain future of NAFTA that President Trump today slammed as a ‘one sided’ trade deal.  He is absolutely right. It is one sided as it can be. Our trade deficit with Mexico topped $60 billion in 2015 and it will be all of that last year.”

“The United States is Mexico’s primary source of capital, it’s top export market, it’s largest trading partner.” Dobbs observes that, “Pena Nieto has it now in his power to throw away tens of billions of dollars through his petulance and his petty macho. And his people will only suffer further. And now Press Secretary Sean Spicer suggests there could be a twenty percent tax or fee on Mexican goods that are shipped to this country.”

Dobbs says, “President Trump today told lawmakers no country will any longer be permitted to take advantage of America. Pena Nieto and his entire government are learning that President Trump is nothing like previous presidents they may have known. He is decisive, fiercely proud of America and our citizens and a President who has already demonstrated he means what he says and he says what he means.”

Dobbs adds, “There are consequences for failing to take this country and this president seriously. And that is a big change for nearly country in the world and for more than a few of our citizens in this country. We all hope Mr. Pena Nieto is ready to be a mature leader and responsible partner to President Trump. If not, so be it. The Mexican citizens, however are much like ours. They deserve better than what they’ve had in recent years.”

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