Dobbs – Is McConnell Up To The Job Of Majority Leader Or Just Another Hack?

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Lou Dobbs has “a few thoughts on what has been a top priority for President Trump: cracking down on illegal immigration, criminal illegal immigrants, and sanctuary cities that harbor them. Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly offered some strong words today for opponents of the President’s policies and priorities.”

Dobbs says, “General Kelly slammed lawmakers for choosing politics over public safety.” He plays a clip of Kelly speaking, saying, “DHS does not make the laws, Congress does. And we will enforce the laws that are passed by Congress and I am offended when members of this institution exert pressure and often threaten me and my officers to ignore the laws they make and I am sworn to uphold.”

Noting Speaker Ryan’s presence behind Kelly in the clip, Dobbs addresses the fact that “House Republicans have been slow to act on immigration reform [not in the open borders sense] . Despite passing both Kate’s law and the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act today,  there is zero chance they’ll be passed in the Senate. The bills head to the Senate nonetheless, where they won’t pass , in part because they require sixty votes each.”

“And make no mistake about it,” Dobbs says, “the Republican Majority Leader in the Senate could change that rule to a simple majority with a snap of his fingers. But Democrat obstructionists as well are blocking a vote in the Senate. Last July they blocked a vote on Kate’s law.”

Dobbs points out that “President Trump has vowed to be the law and order President. In five months he’s done much to earn exactly that title. He’s called for a crackdown on illegal immigration, a secure border. And now the items on the President’s agenda are stacking up in quick and high order for the Senate, raising lots of questions that only Majority Leader McConnell can answer.”

Dobbs asks, “Is he or is he not up to the job of Leader or is he another political hack mediocrity sitting in arguably the most important job on Capitol Hill. It is time for Republican leadership to deliver for this President, on illegal immigration, on healthcare, on tax reform, on every issue this President campaigned for, issues that matter greatly to all Americans. And like the wall the President promised, critical to securing our nation and the safety of all Americans.”

Dobbs may have missed the mark slightly framing his question. Whether McConnell is capable of delivering is not the issue, nearly as much as whether or not he even wants to. He’s always been a quick surrender artist regardless of whether he held the upper hand or not. There’s no reason to expect that anything in that regard has changed.

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  1. McConnell and Ryan are establishment hacks and must be removed from Leadership, or NOTHING will get done that helps the American people and protect them from the Globalists Marxist Agenda! The corruption is thick and smelly in those two and their minions.

    but id change the rules and get this PASSED ASAP.

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