Dobbs – McCain, Graham Side With Head Clown Schumer, Obstructing, Criticizing Trump

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Lou Dobbs has “A few thoughts now on Congressional obstruction. The Democrat kind is annoying enough, but I’m talking tonight about two Senators who’ve lost their way, again, and are obnoxiously obstructionist. Senators McCain and Graham attacking President Trump’s executive order pausing refugee admission and immigration from seven mostly Muslim countries.”

“Never shy about using hyperbole in their caustic rhetoric,” Dobbs notes, “the two make the spurious claim that the President’s order to protect Americans ‘may do more to help terrorist recruitment than to improve our security.’ The motivation of McCain and Graham to play curmudgeon on seemingly every issue is beyond me, particularly because they gain nothing but mockery of those who disagree with them.”

Mr. Dobbs points out, “It puts them in company with head clown Senator Chuck Schumer as well as they work against President Trump and the national interest. McCain has only begrudgingly supported Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State. The Senator has already warned president Trump against lifting Russian sanctions, calling such a move reckless, even though it hasn’t been taken and he doesn’t know, if it is taken, under what terms.”

“And he warned,” says Dobbs, with a mostly straight face, “that renegotiating NAFTA could have serious consequences, as if having NAFTA didn’t have its own set of serious consequences. And the President’s withdrawal from TPP, he says, is ‘harmful’ and a ‘serious mistake.'”

Dobbs says, “To be clear, I believe he could hardly be more in error. Graham and McCain mystify all with their policy choices, much like the time the two GOP’ers went to Cairo to push ‘president’ Obama’s plan, that with President Sisi to include the Muslim Brotherhood in his new government.”

“But Senator McCain’s rhetoric of the past few weeks,” adds Dobbs, “at least answers one lingering ‘what if.’  Had the election gone the other way in 2008, we clearly would have had a third Bush term. Regrettably for the Senator, he’s not president. And fortunately, very fortunately for the country, Donald Trump is.

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10 Comments on Dobbs – McCain, Graham Side With Head Clown Schumer, Obstructing, Criticizing Trump

  1. Both appear to be suffering from amnesia, Alzheimer’s or both at the same time.

  2. Dean chapman // January 31, 2017 at 3:53 pm // Reply

    I’m in china far a few months. I’m proud to be from South Carolina but so ashamed that Gram is from there.what’s worst he lives so close to my house. He has became a disgrace to SC and the Rep party!

  3. McCain and Graham are a real disgrace to the Republican Party and the Senate. Who in their right mind would vote for them? They had to be voted in by Democrats. As one comment stated, why don’t they put a “D” behind their names and be done with it? We Republicans certainly don’t want them.

  4. Why don’t they just admit they are demos and be done with the hypocrisy?

  5. Dr. Deplorable // January 31, 2017 at 10:39 am // Reply

    Who is the person with the lowest intelligence to ever be elected to the Senate? Johnny “POW” McCain’t or Lessy “Homosexual” Graham or do those two tie for that distinction?

  6. Oh man, McCain and Graham really need to go! But it’s not surprising, wouldn’t doubt they both voted for Hillary. McCain thought she was great. I swear these people should have a D behind their names, not an R…they’re Democrats in Republican Drag.

  7. Hopefully everyone knows what and who McCain and Graham are….TRAITORS TO THEIR COUNTRY ….Always have been and always will be …Someone should look into the records in Arizona to find the cheating in the voting records for this last election….McCain is not liked in Arizona and knew no one that voted for him …

  8. David Langdon // January 31, 2017 at 10:11 am // Reply

    How do these Jackasses keep getting re-elected, they are certainly not Repubs, RINOS ma for sure..

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