Dobbs – Maryland Rape Indicates Americans Waking Up To Sanctuary City Nightmare

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Lou Dobbs has “a few thoughts now on the President’s latest efforts to fight against devastating sanctuary city policies. Approximately 300 sanctuary jurisdictions are ignoring immigration law enforcement, protecting dangerous illegal immigrants from deportation. The Trump administrations’ Homeland Security Department has just released its first weekly report.”

“This report,” says Dobbs, “details 118 localities currently that refuse to cooperate in enforcing our immigration laws, citing 206 cases in which illegal immigrants were arrested and consequently released from jail without charge, despite recommendations from immigration and [customs] enforcement to detain them.”

“The Trump administration now blaming sanctuary policies and lax border security for the brutal rape of a fourteen-year-old girl at a Rockville, MD high school. The defendants, eighteen-year-old illegal immigrants from Central America, welcomed warmly into the Montgomery County Public School System.”

Dobbs says, “Despite the horrific crime, liberal state legislators’ first reflex was to try to try to turn Rockville into a sanctuary city within days, and to designate all of Maryland as a sanctuary states. Fortunately Republican governor Larry Hogan has judgment and sense and is attached to reality. He has vowed to veto any such measure.”

“And the President, his concerns are obvious,” notes Dobbs. “An estimated 820 thousand criminals who have been reported among the 11 million people living here illegally.  An outraged American public now gets it. It took a long time, more than a decade, but the American public now understand what is being done to them, to their children, and to our communities.”

Dobbs points to “a recent Harvard Harris poll  shows eighty percent of voters agree that local officials should have to refer illegal immigrants to federal authorities. And state representatives are also getting the message from Mr. Trump. Since the President’s inauguration, 25 states now have measures that would prohibit sanctuary policies and non-compliance with immigration detainers.”

“It is simple, says Dobbs. “Sanctuary cities need to obey federal law. All Americans need to obey our laws, and President Trump’s law and order agenda is long overdue and apparently much appreciated.”

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    Should Supt. Jack Smith be SODOMIZED so he knows what it feels like or is he a Homosexual?

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