Dobbs – Our Long National Lecture Is Finally Over, Trump Era Is Here

lou dobbs trump lecture


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts as the country prepares to enter a new era with Donald Trump as our President. “The national mood, I think you would agree, has brightened, brightened it seems almost every day since Trump was elected. I believe most Americans are now, for the first time in a while, looking forward to our future, positive that President Trump will fulfill his promise to make America great again.”

Dobbs says, “And yes, there’s considerable relief that our long ‘national lecture’ is finally over. Last Tuesday Mr. Obama gave his final official speech and today held his last news conference, all to the good, spirits lifted.”

He points out, “But Mr. Obama couldn’t resist again lecturing, being obstructionist-in-chief on his way out the door. He commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, despite strong objections from the Pentagon and some Democrats. Mr. Obama, self-assured, announced he’s ‘very comfortable’ that justice has been served even though Manning leaked some 700,000 classified documents, identified covert sources and operatives. The Manning commutation only the latest in what has been for eight years a ‘president’ seemingly daily in conflict with an unexpressed ideology or philosophy that seemingly no one understood anywhere.”

He continues, “An ambiguous view of the world that diminishes, certainly, American values in favor of his quiet undescribed personal preferences an precepts. What would he have America make of him? His early days abroad offering apologies  for the country he led, capriciously ending, for no explained reason the Monroe Doctrine and now betraying our key ally in the Middle East, Israel, while sanctioning Russia and leaving no clue whatsoever as to the intellectual or ideological underpinnings of his strategy to move the national interest ahead in Europe, with Russia, with China.”

Dobbs says, “Despite the mess, the broad, vast mess left by Mr. Obama, it’s going to be a new day come Friday at noon, when Donald Trump takes the oath of office and officially becomes our 45th president. The Trump presidency is unambiguous, Mr. Trump straightforward, and that has confused particularly the left, who cannot imagine a leader who says what he means and does what he promises.”

Dobbs adds, “Ours is a spectacular moment in history and the Trump era is about to officially begin. And the American people, no matter what you read, which poll you look at, are cheering our new President and our new possibilities.

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