Dobbs – Leftist Media Propagandists Freaking Out At Immigration Law Enforcement

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts “on Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials who are targeting known criminal illegal immigrants across the country. And much of the national left-wing media is simply apoplectic. Nearly seven hundred arrests made in raids conducted in at least twelve states.”

President Trump applauded the operation in a news conference today with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau.” He plays a clip of President Trump, saying, ‘we’re actually taking people that are criminals, very, very hardened criminals in some cases, with a tremendous track record of abuse and problems, and we’re getting them out and that’s what I said I would do.'”

“But the hyperventilation,” Dobbs notes, “from the national left-wing media has been relentless,” playing some of the hysterical, hand-wringing examples. “My goodness,” he notes sarcastically, “not sensationalistic in any form, did you think? Let’s look at some facts, in California 150 of the 160 illegals arrested there had felony convictions. The rest had misdemeanors or were in the United States illegally. Criminal histories ranging from child sex crimes to weapons charges to assaults.”

“A Salvadoran national,” says Dobbs, “part of the MS 13 gang also apprehended. ICE also pointing out these raids were planned before President Trump office.  And critics forget the fact that liberal stalwarts such as then-Senator Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton both praised tougher border security and immigration enforcement before losing their way.” He play clips of them during their more rational years as proof.

Dobbs says, “White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller responded to the constant wailing and clucking from the left-wing critics,” playing a clip of Miller commenting that people are free to discuss the issue of deporting illegals as he reminded them of the lives that are being saved by getting this trash out of our country. He said, “We’re going to focus on public safety and saving American lives and we will not apologize for that.”

Dobbs concurs, saying, “President Trump campaigned and won in November stressing that ‘immigration security is national security. The left-wing Dems and national media will continue to put their ideology ahead of national security. Fortunately, our Commander-in-Chief is committed to putting America first and securing our national interest with his commitment to law and order.

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