Dobbs – Kobach On Obama Legacy Of Immigration Lies, Abusing Citizens

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach joined Lou Dobbs on Monday to discuss a report from the Center for Immigration Studies that 820,000 serious illegal alien convicts are being allowed to roam freely on American soil by the Obama regime. Dobbs says, “This is a stunning report from CIS, to say that there are that many, and one suspects even more in this country, with dangerous, dangerous criminal illegal immigrants among them not being deported.”

He asks, “What is the possible explanation for it?” Kobach agrees, responding, “Well, you’re exactly right, Lou, that it is disturbing and I can tell you this. Remember when Obama did those illegal executive amnesties in 2012 and 2014, his justification for not deporting millions of illegal aliens was ‘I’m doing this so I can retarget the resources of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to go after the criminals.'”

Kobach continues, “Well, in federal court we have the testimony of ICE agents saying ‘he’s not doing that. We’re not deporting more criminals, that’s absolutely false. And this latest report shows that those ICE agents were right. The Obama administration is not massively increasing resources, getting rid of criminal aliens in the United States. And that’s going to change. I’m very confident that under a Trump administration you’re going to see those criminals being removed in very large numbers.”

Dobbs makes the observation “The Obama administration has largely been one built entirely upon lies, whether it is in foreign policy, whether it is in domestic policy, whether it goes to border security, our national security. Dobbs notes that the only reason he’s been able to get away with not doing his job is because “we have a compliant, complicit national media that won’t do their job as watchdogs.”

Kobach notes that while CBP is on the job working hard in spite of Obama obstructionism, ICE is a completely different story. Their moral is the lowest of any agency in the entire federal government, an indicator of agent frustration with not being allowed to do the job they signed up to do.

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  1. Obummer needs to be arrested, and sent to getmo for crimes against humanity among all the other crimes he is guilty of.

  2. Dr. Deplorable // December 21, 2016 at 2:08 am // Reply

    How about deporting Hussein 0’Vomit to Indonesia where he holds citizenship?

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