Dobbs, JW Farrell – Benghazi Not Going Away, Clinton Will Answer For Crimes

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Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch joins Lou Dobbs to discuss their recent victory over the deep state, delivered at the hand of a federal judge appointed by Hussein Obama, ordering the State Department to search the email accounts of top Clinton aides regarding the Benghazi crimes.

The deliberate act of not checking the State Department’s .gov email server as a method of covering up the Clinton cabal’s criminal actions is the first topic up for Dobbs and Farrell. Dobbs sets up the interview by commenting to his audience, “I know, you’re thinking, why would you not look first in the State Department server?”

After congratulating Farrell on his major legal victory, Dobbs asks rhetorically, “Are we to infer that the Obama administration did not go through the State Department servers for their email?” Farrell responded, “You are correct. They conducted a less-than-adequate search and that’s why the judge has ordered them to go back and do it the right way.”

Farrell says, “Leaving out people like Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, the principal deputies, the inner circle of the Secretary of State is mindless. It’s a deliberate act on the part of the State Department leadership to thwart the FOIA law and to prevent the facts, the truth of Benghazi [from] coming out.”

“Benghazi’s not going away,” he declared. “I don’t care who says ‘Oh it’s old news, it doesn’t matter, it is not going away and we will continue to drill down and get all of the records and facts.” Dobbs says it’s stunning to him that such flagrant violations of the law are taking place, asking, “Is there not a penalty, for State Department officials to purposely resist a FOIA request, to commit fraud, to obstruct in the performance of delivering that information?”

Farrell agrees it’s really contempt of court and people should be jailed for this. He says, “It’s a dishonest operation, you’ve got government attorneys going in and lying to federal judges. At some point there’s got to be a pain threshold that, where people pay for deliberately misleading the court and the American public.”

Farrell is confident that the documents will now be produced and vows that Judicial Watch will make them public as soon as they receive them. Dobbs isn’t questioning Judicial Watch’s intent, but points out, “I don’t think we should underestimate a government within a government, its strength, its culture and its absolute arrogance and abuse of power, and I am talking about the State Department.”

Dobbs continues, ‘They have hidden witnesses, they have hidden these emails and God knows how many more. And the FBI has hidden any kind of consequences for Hillary Clinton despite, on the face of it, destroying evidence and erasing emails.” Farrell asks if Dobbs could imagine a Manafort-style raid on Hillary Clinton’s home or office. Don’t admits that he can’t but agrees with Farrell that that’s exactly what should have happened.”

Dobbs has questions about Attorney General Jeff Sessions, saying, “He appeared, he has disappeared. Where is he and why is he not driving this investigation?” Farrell says he’d like to believe that a grand jury has been impaneled, because they operate in secret, and that he is pursuing it. But he’s not taking a very aggressive press strategy.” He also notes that every agency in the government selectively leaks to promote their agenda. He says he’d like to believe he’s working on all of these issues, but he’s submerged again.

Why is it that these people who supposedly work for us are permitted not to tell us what the heck they’re doing? They don’t need to provide us with details, but there’s nothing wrong with admitting that there is a grand jury or there isn’t. Theoretically, at least, it’s what we pay them to do.


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2 Comments on Dobbs, JW Farrell – Benghazi Not Going Away, Clinton Will Answer For Crimes

  1. I’ll wait for justice to be done, but I won’t hold my breath.

  2. Benghazi was a travesty, Hillary Clinton murdered those people as if she stood over them with a gun. She should be on trial for Murder One. But I doubt the State Dept. will have anything to add, they’ve had too much time to destroy evidence and it’s long gone. If they can find just a little bit to point in the right direction, I will call it justified. But I won’t hold my breath.

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