Dobbs, Judicial Watch – Leftist Media Ignore Trump Vindication – Big Revelations Ahead

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Christopher Farrell of Judicial Watch joined Lou Dobbs for a discussion of the critical and dynamic situation with the revelations by House  Intelligence Committee chairman Rep Devin Nunes. Dobbs opens the discussion saying, “To hear the House Intel Chair tell it, I mean these are blockbuster statements that are being made. He effectively vindicated President Trump with what he revealed to the President, to the press.”

Dobbs says, “And it’s interesting, I watched the national left-wing media and they don’t even mention the fact that ‘President vindicated,’ that he was right, that, you know, because some had mocked him that, I mean it’s newspaper after newspaper, their editorial boards even weighing in on ‘what a foolish thought the President had.'”

Farrell says, “I can tell you that when President Trump said that Obama wiretapped me, that’s sort of Queens shorthand, right? The President is still a guy from Queens, New York. And when he said, ‘Look, Obama wiretapped me,’ and what that means in Washington language is that ‘Administration officials out of the Obama White House unlawfully obtained intelligence information and again unlawfully shared that with their allies in the media.’ That’s the long Washington answer to President Trump saying ‘Obama wiretapped me.'”

“The facts are that,” says Farrell, “intelligence information was unlawfully manipulated or used in a way that may have been legally collected in the intelligence but they mishandled it in a way, and then revealed the names, and then disseminated it again in an unlawful way to either embarrass or smear or in some way undermine President Trump. And that ‘s what we’re seeing right now.”

Dobbs points out, “And this is a campaign, this is more than a campaign, it’s a war against President Trump and his administration, everyone in that administration. And I think it may be that they are only now coming to the realization that there will be no quarter. There is no depth to which the Schumers, the Adam Schiffs will stoop to attack, day in and day out. And then the shadow government itself, carrying out all sorts of strategies against this President. It is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.”

 Farrell notes that he put out a couple of videos not long ago, one of which is “The Soft Coup,” that’s what we’re experiencing, and then “The Cold Civil War,” that’s what we’re right in the middle of. Look, there are, you know, to look at Sally Yates at Justice. There are hundreds of Sally Yateses all throughout the government.” Farrell notes that her betrayal of her oath was the reason she was fired because she had instructed the Justice Department not to follow the lawful orders of the President.

Farrell says the deep state war “goes far and wide. There’s a tremendous number of political operatives working actively against the President, and I think what’s going to come out, and it’ll make Watergate pale in comparison, Mr. Nunes and others are going to reveal, they’re going to get the basic interrogatives.” They’ll ascertain “Who authorized this intelligence activity, what agency was doing it, who authorized the unmasking of the names, and who disseminated it. Once you answer that the game is over.”

Dobbs asks why the truth came out a couple of days after Comey and Rogers played games with the truth in House hearings before the Intelligence Committee. Farrell responds, “Well, Chairman Nunes says that the FBI is not cooperating so far. They’ve been on notice since three weeks ago about providing information and they haven’t. And unfortunately Admiral Rogers sat there the other day and said that they were researching how many Americans, both the number and the names of Americans who had been unmasked. That is baloney. That information is available to him in about five seconds with about a dozen keystrokes.”

He adds, “The NSA knows exactly what Americans have been unmasked.”

Given a choice between telling the truth or lying and covering up, these Democrats and deep state intelligence types will always come down on the side of lying. A sign of bad parenting maybe or just “rotten to the bone” corruption?

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4 Comments on Dobbs, Judicial Watch – Leftist Media Ignore Trump Vindication – Big Revelations Ahead

  1. The mainstream media — ever keeping the truth from the people so as to promote the Leftist agenda.

  2. Whenever one aspect of the Democrats’ disingenuous narrative is exposed as phony, they try to change the focus to another narrative…and it becomes like a game of “whack-a-mole” for the Republicans. It’s now intuitively obvious that Obama left his executive branch departments infested with sycophantic “vermin” who are dedicated to undermining the agenda upon which President Trump was elected…and also that it may well take a while to evict them all.

  3. Freddie Arthur Hisle // March 25, 2017 at 6:02 pm // Reply

    The empty prison in Illinois needs to be reactivated; there are a lot of antiAmerican, and communist’s that need a place to stay. Alcatraz can still be used, no need to fix it up; the prisoners would only destroy it. I heard it is the safest place in California for the swine that needs to occupy it.

  4. “This is more than a campaign (against Pres. Trump). It’s a war.”


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