Dobbs, Jeffress – Trump Returning US To Historic Roots Of Liberty, Religious Freedom

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Lou Dobbs congratulates Pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church of Dallas on President Trump’s religious liberty executive order. Jeffress describes what President Trump has done as “historic,” saying, “Today marks the beginning of the end of government’s 60-year-old war against religious liberty.

“And if anybody doubts the reality of that war, Lou, just look at the Atlanta fire chief who lost his job because he published a book supporting traditional marriage. Or look at Obama’s assault on the Little Sisters of the Poor, they were there today in the Rose Garden with us. I mean, President Trump has realized that this is not right, this goes against the fabric of what America is about, and he is intent on protecting what we people call our first freedom, the free exercise of religion, and I’m grateful to him for it.”

Dobbs asks, “How significant is it that the Johnson Amendment, from which sprang, some would say and I think justifiably, really the oppression of religion in the public square and prohibition, to what degree does this nullify or at least significantly mitigate the impact of the Johnson Amendment?”

Jeffress replies, “Well, it deals a serious blow to it. I had the privilege of being in the Oval Office with the President yesterday before we had a dinner with religious leaders and he asked me if I would explain to these religious leaders why this is important. And look, Lou, the bottom line is government should not be in the business of policing the speech that comes from pulpits, whatever that speech is.”

“They have no business doing that,” says Jeffress. “You know back in the city of Houston a couple of years ago, the sitting government required pastors to turn in sermons if they had talked about transgender bathroom bills. That is ludicrous, that is anti-American and this is putting an end to that sort of nonsense.”

Dobbs acknowledges that he had forgotten all about that incident in Houston but that it may have been the apex of the “political correctness and mindlessness on the part of government.” He hopes so and believe that President Trump is clearly leading us in the opposite direction.

Jeffress points out that “it was always pastors who were at the forefront of change in America. Pastors led the way in the American revolution, the black robe regiment, they led the way in the abolition of slavery and in the civil rights movement. Just think what would have happened if these pastors had not been allowed to ‘engage in politics.’ We have a right and responsibility to call out for moral and spiritual change in the country.

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