Dobbs, Jarrett – MUELLER CHEAP SHOT, State Dept Angers Judge, Still No CLINTON COUNSEL

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Lou Dobbs and Gregg Jarrett discuss President Trump’s response to the predawn raid at Paul Manafort’s home and the juvenile nature of the obvious tactic and what message it was intended to send. Trump was asked if the raid was appropriate, to which he responded, “I thought it was a very, very strong signal or whatever,” adding, “they do that very seldom, so I was surprised to see it.”

Dobbs points out that President Trump was clearly being very careful with his words, but that this was “sort of a tin-horn, two-bit move on the part of the [not so] special counsel.” Jarrett agrees, saying, “It was exactly that. It was an effort to try to instill fear and intimidate Paul Manafort.”

Jarrett says, “I wouldn’t be surprised if his defense attorneys really went after the FBI and the special counsel for this raid. They allegedly seized some documents that are completely privileged and protected. The attorney-client privilege and work product communications. So, the FBI and special counsel could get spanked over this thing but clearly a federal judge signed off on it. I really wonder why since he was cooperating and providing them with information.”

Dobbs says, ‘Well, let’s talk about collusion here, because I still haven’t seen the second counsel produced to investigate the first counsel or to investigate the collusion between Comey and Mueller.” Jarrett likewise believes “there should be a second special counsel, as the House Judiciary Committee is demanding, to look at Hillary Clinton, reopen the investigation into pay to play potentially as well as what clearly seems to be a violation of the Espionage Act in mishandling classified documents.”

He continues, “They need to investigate Comey, for example. I mean, look, Comey took home seven Presidential documents, that’s theft of government property and he thinks he’s justified, I got news for him, he’s not.” Dobbs points out that Comey “also thinks that he’s very cute.” “Oh, he does,” agrees Jarrett, “and clever, but he’s not, they need to investigate him. And Loretta Lynch, who according to Comey, asked him to lie about the investigation.”

They also discuss the order from an Obama-appointed judge, in favor of Judicial Watch, mandating that they be given the emails from the State Department official government website. The deep state operatives under Kerry and now Tillerson had failed to check, in an obvious effort to cover up for Clinton and her co-conspirators, their own email server and account when pretending to be answering FOIA requests.

Dobbs says of that particular example of blatant malfeasance, that he’s never seen the likes of it, “You could have knocked me over with a feather.”


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