Dobbs – Ignorant Schumer Voted Against McConnell’s Wife – Lesson Time

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on Senate Republicans “letting the obstructionist Dems know they’ve had a bellyful of the Senator that President Trump calls the head clown and his nasty Dem disciples. Senate Finance Republicans today changed their committee rules on the boycotting Dems and then advanced the nominations of both Steve Mnuchin and Tom Price to the full Senate for a vote.”

“Dems on the Senate Environment Committee also boycotting a planned vote on EPA nominee Scott Pruitt, they too will soon learn,” says Dobbs. “The Dems are done and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will confirm every single one of President Trump’s nominees, mark my words, one way or the other.”

Dobbs points out, “The Dems originally were simply the opposition, as they should be. Then they became defiant. Now they’ve crossed the line, in my opinion, to complete, at least attempted subversion of our government and our Constitution. Because of the Dem delaying tactics only six of the President’s appointees have been confirmed. That’s only half the number historically confirmed at this point in recent presidencies.”

Dobbs notes, “But the Republicans have decided to use their new found power, I’m pleased to report. It doesn’t hurt that Senator Schumer had the audacity to vote against the Majority Leader’s wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. McConnell would never say it out loud, of course, but you have to understand, every husband in the country knows that he wanted to rip Schumer’s spleen out. Schumer sealed his fate with his ignorance. Nonetheless, Schumer is still spewing his insulting but empty threats and warnings at McConnell and the President.”

“Mr. Trump has been very patient by any standard,” Dobbs believes, “but he’s now advising the Senate Majority Leader to go nuclear if necessary in the upcoming confirmation fight over his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch. If Democrats make good on their filibuster threat, it would be the second time, only the second time in modern history that the Senate filibustered a Supreme Court nominee.”

Dobbs adds, “But as I said, Schumer is that ignorant. And the Republicans are about to give him another lesson in both mathematics and manners.”

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