Dobbs, Hoekstra – Send Law Enforcement After Susan Rice, Force Her To Talk

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As Lou Dobbs pursues the truth of the criminality of the left in general and the Obama and Clinton syndicates in particular, he invited former Congressman Pete Hoekstra on for his input.

Dobbs says, “Let’s start with Susan Rice bailing on the House Intelligence Committee, indefinitely but at least for now, but still seemingly willing to talk to the Senate Intelligence Committee, we’re told, we can’t verify that, but a date uncertain as to when she would do that.”

He asks, “Are these two committees getting played here?” Hoekstra responds, “They may be, but, you know, the committee has an option, subpoena her. Make her appear before the committee.” Dobbs asks, “And what if she chooses to say, ‘No simply just can’t do it because it would be incriminating,” whatever the case?”

Hoekstra’s got a great solution if she throws that hurdle at Congress, “Send law enforcement after her. Take her to the Capitol and make her testify. There’s every reason why she should testify. These are, as you’ve brought up numerous times, these are important issues.” I least she could be forced to declare that there’s a legitimate reason to dig deeper by taking the 5th Amendment.

He continues, “I think the most important issue here is, you know, I think the Intelligence community, it appears to me, what I’ve heard over the last six to seven months is they have taken this ability to capture American conversations overseas and they have started, from my perspective they have started to abuse this.”

Hoekstra says, “When they capture your call to somebody overseas or my call, they’re supposed to deep six it. And it appears now that too many of these conversations made their way to the White House, they were unmasked too often, and what is Samantha Power, an implementer of foreign policy, not an analyst, why is she a part of this unmasking?”

Dobbs agrees there’s no justification for it, but acknowledges that many in the Obama leadership were acting inappropriately in violation of American law and doing so for purely political purposes, including expanding the distribution and access to raw intelligence data in order to more effectively damage the Trump administration.

They also discuss the latest reckless idiocy to come out of the new liberal South Korean President, opening family reconciliation talks. Dobbs asks a question that Hoekstra can’t answer, if President Moon has lost his mind as well.


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  1. Agree, Lock her up! Good job, Dobbs.

  2. TONYA PARNELL // July 18, 2017 at 5:40 pm // Reply


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