Dobbs – Gutless GOP Leaders Ignore All Obama Scandals, DOJ Collusion To Sacrifice The President

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Lou Dobbs has a few very enlightened, frustrated and borderline angry thoughts to share regarding “the role of the deep state and the Dems and the left’s efforts to subvert the Trump administration and its policies. President Trump today slammed the witch hunt, he tweeted this, ‘Why is it that Hillary Clinton’s family and Dems’ dealings with Russia are not looked at by my non-dealings are?'” Dobbs thinks that’s a great question.

He’s got another one from the President as well, who tweeted, “‘Crooked H destroyed phones w/hammer, bleached emails and had husband meet w/AG days before she was cleared- & they talk about obstruction?’ Another great question,” says Dobbs.

He continues, “This as the Senate Judiciary Committee has launched an investigation of the Department of Justice’s handling of the Clinton email probe. Good luck with that,” he says, “because we’ve seen what these committees do. But this committee says it will also investigate the Comey firing. Good on you, Judiciary, we really needed another investigation by a hearing, Good Lord.”

“Don’t forget,” says Dobbs, “about Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation that has widened to include possible obstruction of justice. What is he doing and why is there such a tacit acceptance of what is clearly a one sided and hardly impartial investigation of this administration? It is a clear effort by the deep state to block this anti-status quo administration.” He notes that the Judiciary will be taking their place among five other committees and one subcommittee already engaged in their own versions of this obscene assault on our nation, this cascading charade of investigations into Trump Russia collusion has become.

He has a suggestion, if all of these investigations are such brilliant ideas, they should be expanded immediately. He recommends we start with Attorney General Lynch and Bill Clinton, and Lynch and Comey as well as a long list of others that the corrupt administration has been keeping out of reach of justice and the Trump administration has shown no willingness to get involved in. Let’s go ahead and do it, let’s get committees looking into all of them.

Dobbs was being sarcastic but it’s not a bad idea. If for nothing else, when they’re forced to follow real evidence on real criminality, the left won’t be able to waste time on made up offenses based solely upon advancing a political agenda and eliminating the President. At last, under those circumstances, the phantom investigation chasing Russian ghosts might finally die on its own.

He closes with a sarcastic observation of the brilliance of the people on Capitol Hill and a disgusted condemnation of the “gutless, absolutely gutless leadership over both the House and the Senate and we’ve got to acknowledge what the truth really is.”

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3 Comments on Dobbs – Gutless GOP Leaders Ignore All Obama Scandals, DOJ Collusion To Sacrifice The President

  1. HowardMacKinnon // June 17, 2017 at 6:20 am // Reply

    DJT needs to stop playing soft ball & pick up the hard ball. Realizing he is dealing w tons of regulations that are wrong for our country & cost us too much $$, he should get Trey Gowdy to start prosecutions of Soros, O, HRC & the others who are trying to stop him from succeeding. Name antifa a criminal organization & arrest them. An end needs to come to the violence in out great country. The left does not fear DJT & therein lies the problem.

  2. When the GOP could not take Trump down during the primaries I said that the uni-party will remove him form the oval office through “regular” order.

    When they pushed the globalist Pence on to the ticket I said the plan is to impeach Trump and put in Pence and the Ryan agenda will be full steam ahead. I took a good bit of flack for that, and I hope Trump fights back.

    At this point I think Trump and the Kushner cabal are in on it or Trump is listening to really bad advice.

  3. Thomas Oakley // June 16, 2017 at 10:13 pm // Reply

    Just wondering why trump has not told the …..doj… investigate obamssss, hill da beast, lynch, kelly and so many others for the crimes they have committed…..Is that not what they are to do……investigate? But first he has to finish cleaning up…..the dept of state, the fbi, irs, and just about all the other gov agencies that have a very bad stink coming from the obamsssssss leftovers. and of course now we have his son in law being investigated and i am sure him and his daughter will show their true…..liberal/democratic/soros feelings.

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