Dobbs Guilfoyle – Deep State Rogue Judges, Truth May Come Out On Obama Spying

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Lou Dobbs invited former Prosecutor and Assistant District Attorney, Fox host Kimberly Guilfoyle onto his program for a discussion of the federal judiciary gone rogue. He points out that the Justice Department will be appealing the decision of the libtard in Maryland and has asked for clarification for what the hell he’s doing from the political tool in Hawaii prior to making a decision on appeal in that instance. Upon what basis do you appeal something that has no connection to the law, common sense or sanity to begin with?

Before they get into the rogue judiciary, Dobbs describes the events coming out of the investigation by the House Intelligence Committee as “a terrific development,” noting that “apparently Devin Nunes has had some significant response on surveillance.”

Guilfoyle recalls when Nunes said, “The mainstream media only put forward some of the language that he initially discussed in terms of this investigation. But they didn’t talk about incidental collection, where there could be larger wiretaps going where this was then captured and people were, in fact, recorded and information gathered in that area.”

Dobbs notes, “And Chairman Nunes, talking about the unmasking and who asked for the unmasking and who actually did it, that suggests that we’re going to see names move forward here and some understanding of who did what and why.”

Guilfoyle says, “It’s really the best you could hope for, in terms of getting the transparency, the American people wanting to know and should get the answers. Let’s get to the bottom of this. If this type of thing is going on and it sure well seems that it is, we need to know who is behind it.”

She asks, “And by the way, who are the Americans that are being surveilled? Who are the people that are caught up in this type of wiretapping, etc. And it should come forward, so I like the fact that he’s being aggressive and getting to the bottom of it and pushing it to get the transparency coming forward, because this is a very serious situation.”

Dobbs shifts to another topic, saying, “And another very serious situation is the reaction of left-wing activist judges at the District Court level in our judicial system. Two judges, one in Hawaii, one in Maryland, both absolutely, I mean, they just went rogue. Responding from the bench to the President’s executive order and not even discussing the contents of the order, its purpose or its language, but rather their own, ‘heartfelt, I’m sure,’ subjective judgments about it all. I mean it’s just outrageous.”

Guilfoyle agrees with Dobbs labeling them a “deep state judiciary,” saying, “I mean they don’t even care. It’s so obvious that they’ve gone rogue, that they’re putting forward their own political ideology and political viewpoints at the expense of justice in this country. Completely disregarding the law, complete dereliction of duty, I mean, you cannot in this country afford to have judges on the bench that are doing this, that are being activists, essentially trying to carry out what they believe the law should be.”

She says, ‘It’s really outrageous because this executive order was revised and was specifically tailored to pass any kind of constitutional muster, so this is just complete obstructionist.

Dobbs points to a Breitbart report about the Maryland judge in which they exposed him as putting in the footnote of one of his decisions before one of these refugee complaint organizations the possibility that he might order the President to double the number of refugees being allowed into the United States. Dobbs asks “At what point should he be impeached and if this is not that point why not?”

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