Dobbs – Gorsuch Should Withdraw His Name After Insulting President Trump

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Lou Dobbs offers a few quick thoughts on Judge Neil Gorsuch, the man that President Trump nominated to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left due to the passing of Justice Scalia. Dobbs notes that Gorsuch “was back on the hill today, just one day after the Supreme Court nominee made disparaging comments about the President who nominated him.”

He notes that Kelly Ayotte, a Senator who lost her seat because she was in large measure a Never Trumper, “defended the comments of the judge saying this, ‘While he made clear that he was not referring to any specific case, he said that he finds any criticism of a judge’s integrity and independence disheartening and demoralizing.”

Dobbs responded to those comments directly, saying, “Well Judge, I think you’re full of it. I believe Judge Gorsuch is speaking as if the judiciary were sacrosanct and pure, even though it’s awash with political bias, much like the rest of government, and it is certainly not holier than the rest of us.”

“Liberal control of appellate courts,” says Dobbs, “is not to be ignored, it surged under ‘president’ Obama. Liberal majorities control about seventy percent of our appellate courts, they handle an overwhelming number of the cases in our judiciary system. Three quarters of donations from attorneys and their firms went to the Democrat Party in the 2016 election cycle. That was an increase from 2012.”

Dobbs says, “Never mind that 53 Senators have law degrees, we’re not going to pay attention to that. And please, do not pay attention to the fact that 214 out of 435 members of the House of Representatives have law degrees as well.  There is a problem here, don’t you think? And it’s one that we should be thinking about and talking about and doing something about.”

As for the President’s criticism of the Judiciary,” Dobbs say, “don’t forget ‘president’ Obama very publicly rebuked the Supreme Court during his 2010 State of the Union Address. Where was Judge Gorsuch’s disheartened moment then?” It’s his view that the judiciary should not be free from scrutiny and that Judge Gorsuch would be wise to apologize, at the very least, to the man nominated him to the high post he will likely win in confirmation.”

“The man he owes a great deal of gratitude,” says Dobbs, “and not any basis for insult. Gorsuch, by the way, also broke the ethics rules by speaking about political matters at all. And he spoke so loosely in front of his mortal ideological enemy, and that is one Senator Michael Blumenthal.”

Dobbs says, “I believe Gorsuch as really demonstrated a lack of honor and if he has honor, he should withdraw his name out of just the pure disrespect he’s shown our President, his lack of grace. Not very smart for a man with degrees from both Harvard and Oxford.”

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11 Comments on Dobbs – Gorsuch Should Withdraw His Name After Insulting President Trump

  1. Just had another thought. Could it be that Gorsuch said these things merely to ensure his confirmation by the democrats?

  2. Gorsuch is just another vile snake who slithered under the radar of President Trump.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Lou Dobbs. If this judge has already betrayed us, then what else will he betray us on? We certainly do NOT need another leftist supreme court justice!

  4. Jimmy Fisher // February 11, 2017 at 7:35 am // Reply

    Me thinks Gorsuch is trolling the Stolen Valor politician, and the rest of the Senate selection committee.

  5. I thought Dobbs said his confirmation about what Gorsuch said came from Ayotte and Sasse. If that’s true, I ascribe no validity, or integrity, based on those two establishment globalists. The establishment, globalists, continue in their agenda to remove Trump any way they can.

  6. Totally disagree with you Lou. I like that he and Pres. Trump are a bit at odds with the issue. It will make the judge look unbiased and fair in his decision making. Plus he didn’t direct it at any comments Pres. Trump made, and he actually said that. Don’t fall into line with the Dems and their evil plans.

  7. Dr. Deplorable // February 11, 2017 at 12:02 am // Reply

    I hereby call on the Power vested in me by the All Mighty, and call for Gorsuch to withdraw his name from being a candidate for the High Court because he demonstrated a lack of honor and but pure disrespect for the office of President!

  8. Denis Flaherty // February 10, 2017 at 11:54 pm // Reply

    I agree…the ungrateful sonofabitch just proved he didn’t deserve the opportunity and all the education in the world doesn’t give you “schmarts”…GET THE HELL OUTA HERE, ASSHAT!

  9. Fred Flemingstein // February 10, 2017 at 8:01 pm // Reply

    Dobbs closed by saying “Not very smart for a man with degrees from both Harvard and Oxford.” That explains it all. It seems that Harvard is everywhere in the judiciary and Haaaavard grads believe that they are soooo much smarter than the rest of us ‘unwashed’ that did not attend the indoctrination of Harvard professors. Kagan – Harvard, we need an educated person on the Supreme Court who will follow the established Constitution, not an indoctrinated socialists who believes the Constitution should change with the political winds.

  10. Roberta rager // February 10, 2017 at 3:11 pm // Reply

    ALL Trump supporter …Please don’t let up on Judge Gorsuch…I believe President Trump can not ask him to withdraw because the media would harass him…But probably would like us to get rid of him

  11. Agreed ! Smart, but not a wise man.

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