Dobbs – Gorka Recommends Tillerson Replacement He Says WILL Drain State Dept Swamp

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Lou Dobbs asks Sebastian Gorka for his input regarding the conflicts at the White House between President Trump and Secretary of Defense Mattis as well as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Gorka takes the somewhat safe route while leaving little doubt as to what he thinks, saying, “I’m not going to cast aspersions or critique individuals inside the administration, but I will say one thing. I got to know Mike Pompeo when I came into the administration.”

Gorka says, “He is a hard charger. He is a  101% Trump loyalist. If anybody can shake the State Department into some kind of sense after decades of not acting in the best interest of the United States and being devoted ideologically to multi-lateral kumbaya globalism, it might just be DCI Mike Pompeo.”

Gorka reminds the audience that November the 8th was a political revolution and assures American that Donald Trump wants to drain the swamp. He says, “When people say swamp, and I’ve dealt with the swamp inside the White House, they think it’s Congress, they think it’s Capitol Hill, they think it’s the politicians.”

“For me,” says Gorka, “the far more obstructive element of the swamp are the bureaucrats, the GS-15s, the GS-12s who think they know better than the President and it’s people like Mike Pompeo that can help the President drain the swamp from people who have ideological reasons to undermine our nation.”

Asked about the Iran deal recertification, Gorka says, “I was in the Oval the day it was recertified last, there were a handful of us with the President. He was seated at the Resolute Desk. There was Steve Bannon, myself, Rex Tillerson, General McMaster and Secretary Mnuchin.”

He points out, “And it was only Steve and myself that supported the President in saying we have to decertify this deal. It is bad for America, bad for  Israel, bad for global security. And the way he expressed it back then, it was clear to me this is the last time he’s going to recertify and it’s not going to happen a third time.”

“That’s my prediction,” says Gorka, “for the 12th. And since the IAEA has stated unequivocally that Iran is in breach of section “T” of the Iran deal by obstructing inspectors accessing the military sites, we have to kill it. It’s a bad deal, it’s time to decertify.”

Dobbs expresses his views on Iran and the President having to tolerate, to the degree that he has, the idiocy emanating from so many of his advisers, describing it as astounding.

“There’s a fundamental issue here,” Gorka says. “Yes, the Obama administration actually facilitated Iran with tens of billions of dollars, with ransom monies, with all kinds of things that strengthen a dictatorship.”

He adds, “But there’s a deeper issue, Lou. I’m a child of the Cold War. My parents escaped communist dictatorship. You’ve been around a while. You know, you do not get good deals with tyrannies, whether it’s Adolph Hitler in Munich, whether it’s Brezhnev or whether it’s the Mullahs in Iran, they just don’t abide by these agreements. So the whole thing is flawed from the get-go.”


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3 Comments on Dobbs – Gorka Recommends Tillerson Replacement He Says WILL Drain State Dept Swamp

  1. id get rid of the WHOLE BUNCH IF THIS IS TRUE, AND I LIKE GORKA .
    and i also like STEVE BANNON.

  2. I agree with Kelleigh Nelson.

    I trust Gorka and I hope President Trump is able to read this but I will put the article on the White House website.

  3. Kelleigh Nelson // October 7, 2017 at 9:22 pm // Reply

    I’d add quite a few more to this recommendation. If it’s true that Tillerson called our President a moron, then the Prez needs to call him and the rest of his crew together and tell them to either respect the office of the President, or there’s the door and don’t let it hit ya where the good Lord split ya. This rudeness to the boss is just unconscionable. McMaster and Mattis and Rosenstein and McCabe and the entire NSC needs to be ousted and the ones who were in the NSC previously rehired. Send that idiot leftist POS Mueller packing too.

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