Dobbs – GOP Congress Wasting Time Needed To Advance Trump Agenda

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts “on what passes for leadership in Congress these days.” He notes, “President Trump today met with Republican leaders, looking to spur them on to act on his agenda, including health care, tax reform and the budget. But time is running critically short for Congress.”

Dobbs points out, “After today they’ll be in session for just thirty days before going on a five week August Recess. Majority Leader McConnell today promised a Senate health care vote in ‘the near future.’ That’s as specific as he’s willing to be.”

“The House passed its health care bill just over four weeks ago, but only after Speaker Ryan failed to secure the votes back in March. As for tax reform, Ryan is intent on pushing his own agenda, insisting on a border adjustment tax in any so-called tax reform. The border adjustment tax is fully opposed by the Trump White House.”

“Congress also facing the prospect,” Dobbs reminds us, “of a government shutdown. President Trump released his budget two weeks ago, yet Congress now has only 42 days before the end of this fiscal year to get it done.” Dobbs points to a Politico headline as being telling, one which stated: ‘The real resistance to Trump? The GOP Congress.'” Dobbs agrees, saying, “Congress has in fact done little to move the President’s agenda forward.”

Dobbs says, “Republicans control the House, the Senate, the White House and yet here we are. They risking squandering a great opportunity and perhaps more. I believe it is time for Republican leaders in Congress to get on Trump time – and that means quickly.

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5 Comments on Dobbs – GOP Congress Wasting Time Needed To Advance Trump Agenda

  1. Thomas Oakley // June 7, 2017 at 10:09 pm // Reply

    Well I still say it is time for a new party to come along. Nothing is changing at the rep party. Still the rinos, good old boys, useless old men, traitors that they have been all along. Now we have sessions seeming to show his true colors? Of course he like so many others came from the swamp…….and do you really think he will change his ways? Sorry but I do not and seems I am correct.

  2. Why does Congress get a 5 week vacation, – all at once? This is why nothing gets done. They can drag their feet and ignore the work to be done. And the taxpayers resent that they get paid to do nothing, except occaionally pass worthless laws that make our lives more difficult.

  3. It’s deliberate sabotage as a result of nationalism vs globalism in this last presidential election. Congress lost and like the liberals (in republican clothes), they’re looking for band-aids in all the wrong places. while their own party is bleeding to death. We need representatives, not leaders. Congress is like a monster child who just won’t give up his toys – money, power, control.

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