Dobbs Blasts Gohmert On Border Wall BS – “I Could Give You Little Gold Stars”

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Lou Dobbs begins his interview with Congressman Louie Gohmert amiably enough but it quickly changes to decisively confrontational.

Gohmert dismisses reported comments by Paul Ryan that only one member of the GOP caucus wants the border wall as hyperbole, pointing to the unimpressive $1.6 billion in wall funding already passed by the House in his defense.

As Gohmert attempts to portray Congress as having been doing something on the wall and declares the importance of whatever it is they did Dobbs interrupts. Things are about to turn markedly less cordial. Dobbs reminds the Congressman that his audience is informed and knows when they are being “BS’d.”

He says, “They’ve been BS’d by the left, they’ve been BS’d by the right, they’ve been lied to by Republicans, they’ve been lied to by Democrats. And now Paul Ryan, the so-called Republican Speaker of the House, he’s a RINO as you well know, but he is nonetheless the Speaker.”

Dobbs notes, “Suddenly we’re not hearing about the wall. We’re not seeing the wall going up. We’re watching illegal immigration into this country in the last four months surge. We’re watching unaccompanied children surging across that border. We are watching families surging across that border. What the hell is going on?”

Gohmert replies, “Well, we have got to get the wall started, and the $1.6 that we passed…” Dobbs stops him there, “Wait a minute, that’s the kind of nonsense we heard when Dana Rohrabacher was pushing through a wall under Bush. The wall doesn’t get built. The wall does not get built.”

Gohmert responds, “It’s got to get built.” “And we can’t even get this one started,” counters Dobbs, “what’s the deal?” Gohmert mounts a defense by saying there are a lot of people who don’t want the wall and noting that they were just voting on amendments to the appropriations bill and he noticed that only the Democrat measures seemed to pass despite the GOP being in the majority.

Dobbs seems barely able to restrain his loathing as Gohmert promises they’re not giving up. He says, “You know, I’m proud of you all not giving up. I’m going to be real honest with you. I don’t buy it, I just don’t buy it. You guys can’t even get one started. It’s not about giving up. I mean I can give you little gold stars for not giving up but that doesn’t mean anything happens.”

He  continues, “And I really don’t understand why there isn’t a significant push here because it is the source of the majority of methamphetamines, marijuana, cocaine and heroin entering the country and no Presidential candidate has focused on those drugs more than this President.”

Dobbs notes that President Trump’s liaison to Congress, Marc Short was offering DACA amnesty in a deal to trade it for tax reform. They agree the talk about DACA amnesty or any accommodation to illegals always has the effect they’re seeing now, a run for the unfortified border.

President Trump needs to learn how to impose his will on Congress. He’s in the majority; build the damn wall, forget about amnesty. Tell the Democrats to pound sand, not those of us who put him in office.

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