Dobbs, Gohmert – Shoving Healthcare Down Congress’ Throats Doesn’t Work For Ryan On GOP

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Lou Dobbs credits Rep Louie Gohmert as having planned to vote no on Ryancare if he’d been given the opportunity, had the bill not been pulled for lack of support by Speaker Ryan. Dobbs asks who is to blame for the Ryancare demise, noting that he sees only one possible culprit, its namesake, Speaker Ryan.

Gohmert says, “Well, on the issue of responsibility, there were some people in the Freedom Caucus that were saying that we really hope that this does go to a vote, so that people will see, when it goes down, it’s not just conservatives that have major problems. That there would probably be an equal number of people in the Tuesday group, the more moderate, than the conservatives.”

“At least as many,” says Gohmert, “because there were some real problems with this. And I hope that the real loser here is the procedure of the way that things have been done for the last twenty years, it seems.” Dobbs asks, sarcastically, “What are you talking about? The Speaker said it was a member – these are his words, a member driven process.”

Gohmert replies, “Right and he correctly pointed out they had listening sessions. But they did the listening sessions and it was like the checked the box. And then they went out and we’re going, who wrote this, you know. This sounds like some insurance lobbyist wrote this. Where’d this come from, you know.”

Dobbs asks if an insurance lobbyist did write part of the bill, to which Gohmert replies, “There has to have been some of that participation in there, has to have been. I don’t know who wrote it, Lou, but I know that the key is not in  the listening sessions before the bill is written. The more important is  who writes the bill and then do we have a chance to sit down and talk about it before its ever pushed forward as our party’s bill.”

Gohmert refers to comments made by some that Trump was the real loser in all of this. He describes watching Trump in action, saying, “I had no idea that man could work like that behind the scenes. He was fabulous.” He also has rave reviews for President Trump’s comments, saying they were wise and deep and that he’s in agreement. “We’re going to get a better bill because of this.” Dobbs thinks he’s also right that the bill they get is going to be bi-partisan because he also believes that the fuse is lit on Obamacare and it’s going to explode in the very near future.

Dobbs closes with his perspective that “A Speaker who has regular order and who is bringing back hearings and actually a member-driven process would perhaps give the membership time to examine the legislation, contribute to it mightily and to talk straight about what it contains.”

Gohmert adds, “Well, it’s not member-driven when you say ‘We have the bill prepared, it’s going to go through long hours but nobody gets to amend it, you can’t change a thing. ” Dobbs suggests that perhaps it was “a leadership learning experience and process” for the Speaker. Gohmert says, “Well I certainly pray so.”

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