Dobbs Asks Fitton Why Trump DOJ Is Defending Hillary Clinton, Letting Mueller Run Amok

Dobbs asks Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch why the Trump DOJ is forcing lawsuits rather than assisting, defending Hillary Clinton and letting Mueller pursue everything other than…

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Having invited Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton onto his program for a discussion of the rampant government corruption that becomes increasingly visible with every passing hour, Lou Dobbs starts off on a side track, the Mueller witch hunt targeting General Michael Flynn with outlandish kidnapping conspiracy allegations.

Fitton replies, “Well, I don’t believe General Flynn was involved in anything like that. The news would be, these days, if the special counsel’s actually doing something the special counsel was hired to do, which is investigate Russia collusion. He really has no business investigating General Flynn for this, it’s outside his purview in my view, and it’s further reason as to why it should be shut down.”

“Now if there is something to be investigated,” Fitton points out, “the Justice Department should handle it directly. But this is not what Mr. Mueller was hired to do. He refers to another article in the Wall Street Journal that reported the Justice Departments are investigating the DNC hack but Mueller isn’t.”

A slightly stunned Fitton reminds us, “This was the basis for all of the Russia collusion screaming we’ve heard about, that Russians hacked the DNC. Mueller isn’t even looking at that. He’s just looking at everything but what he was hired to do, which suggests there ain’t much to look at, in terms of Russia collusion.”

Dobbs asks, “Why is there no oversight of this special counsel either at Justice or in the Republican-led Congress and Senate that would return Mueller’s attention to his mission, which is Russian collusion?” Fitton thinks the regulations are constitutionally deficient in that regard, that a special counsel was hired and the people who are supposed to be providing the oversight stepped back and gave him free rein.

In regards to a Judicial Watch lawsuit, Dobbs asks “How concerned, how upset should he be [President Trump] or any of us in this country, that a political judge has once again blocked the public’s right to know, and secondarily, if you will, taken two years to get to an answer which is ‘no?’ This is outrageous in my opinion.”

Fitton says, “He going to be more outraged at the fact it was his administration that asked the judge to do what the judge did this week.” He points out the judge said that while the administrations have changed the government’s stance hasn’t.

“And the Obama administration didn’t want to do it and shockingly,” says Fitton, “the Trump administration came in and they didn’t want to enforce the law requiring the State Department to initiate action with the Justice Department to go and retrieve these government records Hillary Clinton took with her.”

Fitton says “We don’t like the judge’s decision but the fact is we shouldn’t be in court, given what this President promised and what his appointees are, you presume, want to be doing. But instead you’ve got his appointees, the Justice Department and State Department, defending Hillary Clinton in court. In this case blocking Judicial Watch’s efforts to force them to comply with the law to go and get these records.”

Dobbs asks, “Why would the administration’s Justice Department not insist on the delivery of these emails?” Fitton says there is no answer, they ask and they get no answers, just court fights. Dobbs indicates that’s the same type of response he’s been getting from the White House.


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