Dobbs, FBI Asst Dir Kallstrom – Comey Conspired With Lynch To Cover For Clinton

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Former Assistant Director of the FBI James Kallstrom joins Lou Dobbs for a discussion of the Comey mess and what he thinks is really going on at that agency.  Dobbs addresses the “extraordinary hearing in which we found out, the former director confessing, that he was leaking information to the New York Times through a conduit, if you will, a Columbia law professor by the name of Daniel Richmond, and at the same time portraying himself as a weak, frankly cowardly leader of the most storied law enforcement agency in this country’s history.”

Dobbs says, “I mean it was quite a performance. And then we  hear the national left-wing media, you would have thought that there was sort of a draw in that, when it was clearly a disaster for James Comey.” Kallstrom replies, “Yeah, that fifth column is really strong and getting stronger. The facts are irrelevant to them.”

Kallstrom says, “I’ve talked about Comey for a while and I don’t do that with any glee. After first endorsing the rank and file agents as being great, he notes that the leadership is suspect, making what he generously describes as  “foolish mistakes.” He mocks Comey for the “flutters in his stomach” and his having to write the memo detailing his conversation with the President.  Kallstrom asks if Comey felt the same need to write a memo following the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on the Phoenix tarmac, “apparently not. ” He asks, “Did he write a memo when the prosecutor memo came over to the FBI and said ‘you can’t call it an investigation…you have to call it a matter and by the way, you can’t have a grand jury. Did he write a memo then? I don’t think so, at least he didn’t say he did.”

He asks if Comey wrote a memo when the IRS was bullying innocent Americans, and asks why did the FBI get involved in interviews at the time – for what purpose and what were the various outcomes? Not only did he not stand up for those people, Dobbs points out that Comey simply rolled over when Loretta Lynch. He asks Kallstrom if he’s wrong, but without a grand jury the Clinton investigation is not an investigation. Kallstrom agrees, saying “Exactly,” and “that’s the day, Lou, that he should have stood up, and resigned as the FBI Director and told the American people why he was resigning.”

Kallstrom continues, “Because you do not conduct an investigation without subpoena power, without compelling testimony, without serving search warrants. There was so much evidence against Hillary Clinton they didn’t even need it, they had trainloads of stuff and he read that  off in the pros memo, you know, that talked about all that. And then with that silly conclusion, that obviously he had conspired with the Attorney General. She said she was going to go with whatever he said he wanted to do.”

Kallstrom continues to describe the reasons he believes Comey is a dirty cop including the decision to let Clinton off on her racketeering operation, the Clinton Foundation, which Kallstrom said he believes is a RICO case. They also discuss the cover up engaged in by the Senators in the hearings.

Dobbs asks Kallstrom what his reaction was to them playing as if they’re in some sort of Broadway play, don’t respond to the facts and instead continue the fiction of the Russia-Trump narrative. Kallstrom said he was listening to the hearings on the radio and it was all BS, aside from some questioning from Marco Rubio he said he couldn’t tell who were the Republicans and who were the Democrats. He said it was disgraceful and pointed to the absence of any questions about the unmasking scandal. They also note the longtime friendship and professional relationship of Comey and Mueller and the likely crimes of IRS Commissioner Koskinen, who somehow still retains that position, what Dobbs describes as one of the great mysteries of the Trump administration. Kallstrom asks, “What is going on in Washington?”

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  1. We see the longtime Democratic party. Get their man at the top and nobody will go to jail. Criminal Bill Clinton taught Obama and Obama selected the criminals needed. But then those criminals have appointed regional FBI agents that we need to replace as well.

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