Dobbs, Farrell – Lawless Comey Took Instructions From Clinton, Betrayed His Oath

dobbs farrell comey


Lou Dobbs interviews Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell on the Comey testimony, saying, “Let’s start with the bombshell that Loretta Lynch ordered the Director of the FBI to refer to an investigation as ‘a matter.’ What in the world are these people playing at?”

Farrell replies, “Well, it’s clear the FBI Director was taking instructions from Hillary Clinton’s campaign, because clearly, the Attorney General was giving him talking points and he literally adopted them. This admission today is stunning. I would argue that Mr. Comey’s notes are property of the United States government and that he has absconded with them.”

“Frankly,” says Farrell, “if I were Attorney General, about twenty minutes after his confession today in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Deputy US Marshalls would have raided his home and office, as well as that of Mr. Richmond at Columbia Law School. Those records and documents must be recovered, Mr. Comey had no business releasing them, it’s an extraordinary admission on his part; it’s lawless.”

Farrell adds, “You know we wonder why we have leakers in the government, when the FBI Director’s playing these little games for political points or because his tender ego has been bruised. This is outrageous. He took an oath to the Constitution and he’s betrayed it in no uncertain terms.”

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