Dobbs – Dems Self-Destructing With, Ugly, Nasty Partisan Thuggery

lou dobbs


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts “on the Democrat partisan thugs in the Senate, who are about, they say, to filibuster a Supreme Court nominee. It would be for the first time in our country’s history. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch to the full Senate. “

“Republicans slamming Democrats,” notes Dobbs, “for their party line vote in that committee and their planned filibuster of the judge. ” After playing comments from Senators Ted Cruz and Orrin Hatch denouncing their petty partisanship, Dobbs says, “For its part the Democrat Party is out of excuses for what has become its ugly, nasty, partisan thuggery. “

Dobbs notes, “The new DNC chairman, Tom Perez, stands as an example, demonstrating Democrat leaders now insist on going to the lowest common denominator in their politics and their tactics. How low, how ignorant must Dems be to hurl expletives at the President of the United States? That’s what Perez did, calling President Trump bully and declaring Mr. Trump didn’t win the election. And then resorting to profanity and vulgarity, claiming Republicans don’t give a  s*it about people.”

“Perez seems dedicated,” Dobbs observes, “to helping Democrats gut their party. The Dems have 23 Democrat Senators plus the two independents that caucus with them, up for reelection next year, ten of those Dems in states won by President Trump. The Dems about to filibuster one of the country’s  most celebrated, most distinguished jurists, and spending all of the party’s energy and time obstructing the policies and the nominees of President Trump.”

Dobbs says, “The Dems are now so far on the wrong side of history that it’s highly likely they won’t recover for years. It’s as if the leaders of the Democrat Party are now absolutely committed to Republican majorities at every level of government. At least in that respect the Dems are showing proper concern for the national interest.”

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