Dobbs – Dems Lied, Cheated, Tried To Steal Presidency, Now Irrelevant

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “the futile efforts of Dems and the far-left, desperate to marginalize the President-elect’s overwhelming presidential victory. The Democrat Party refusing to come to terms with repeated policy failures on their part, a disintegrating electoral constituency, and collapsing leftist ideological arguments. That’s all they’ve got.”

He continues, “The left is in last-gasp protests despite what Trump calls a landslide electoral victory. Trump winning thirty states, gathering 304 of the 538 electoral votes, way beyond the required 270 and now, Trump will be certified the 45th president of  the United States on January 6th. The left is dwindling in numbers and in influence, but threatening Trump electors all across the country in their desperation.”

“Some of those electors,” Dobbs notes, “receiving death threats from the left, harassed by countless phone calls and messages from so-called activists ignoring the law and the Electoral College process, established in 1787, part of the Constitution, but never mind that, says the left. Thirty states and the District of Columbia all have laws requiring their electors to vote for their states’ popular vote winner.”

Dobbs says, “And in support of the law and order victor in the general election, the electors paid attention to the law today.” He says the Dems have now transformed themselves from the “loyal opposition to the stubborn subversion. He warns, “That’s a serious, serious matter.”

He declares, “The Democrat leadership and their candidate lied, cheated and tried to steal political office and power, and why not? ‘president’ Obama has governed outside the law for the past 8 years, they thought they could just continue doing the same.  But now the left has become a gang of outlaws, trying to wrest power from the presidency of Donald Trump and doing all they can to subvert the will of the people.”

Mr. Dobbs gives a status check on the diminished Democrats  that shows they are a party reduced to irrelevancy and their candidates all seeming to be coming  from the farthest reaches of the left, as Bernie Sanders and DNC hopeful Rep Keith Ellison are the best they can come up with, far removed from being able to win political power.

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