Dobbs – Democrats Are Obstructionists Worthy Only Of America’s Contempt

lou dobbs


Lou Dobbs says he doesn’t want to be overly critical of the Dems, but then asks how such a thing would even be possible. He offers a few thoughts on “the reckless disregard for our national security and public safety by the Dems, delaying and boycotting President Trump’s cabinet nominations. Mr. Trump was sworn in almost two weeks ago yet only six of his appointees have been confirmed, the fewest since 1933 at this juncture in his presidency.”

“Democrats once again showing their contempt,” says Dobbs, “for all Americans, our national values, by boycotting another committee vote on President Trump’s EPA nominee, Scott Pruitt. But Republicans on the Senate Environment Committee did what their what their colleagues on the Finance Committee did, they decided to react. They suspended rules to advance Pruitt to the full Senate for an up or down vote.”

Dobbs says, “Dems also attacking the President’s nominees without basis whatsoever, several Democrats already pledging to block what, in my opinion, is one of the finest, most qualified nominees in Supreme Court history without even meeting the man. Senators Warren, Wyden and Brown are now at a level of radical we haven’t seen in some time. And, among others, they’re behaving like Trotskyites and anarchists. They are, to say the least, an embarrassment to the Senate.”

“Their leader, Senator Chuck Schumer,” Dobbs points out, “today offered an incredible, unbelievable defense of his obstructionist, pig-headed destructive tactics. The Senator claiming the President hasn’t put forth what he called a ‘normal cabinet.’ Schumer is truly the head clown that Trump calls him and few indeed have a shred of respect remaining for him after his conduct over the past two weeks.”

Former Clinton running mate Senator Tim Kaine even less rational if it’s even remotely possible, every bit as appalling in his behavior, calling on Dems to fight back against President Trump in Congress, in the courts, and oh yes, in the streets. Did you hear that? Time Kaine, in the streets. Here’s counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway on the Dems.”

“The Democrat Party, we’re seeing it unravel in front of our eyes and we’re seeing it be revealed in front of our eyes. They’re hysterical about everything now. You can’t even, there’s no gradation of hysteria. It’s everything makes them cry and scream.” she said.

Dobbs makes is clear, stating, “The Democrats have forfeited any claim to be a partner in governance with President Trump. They merit, I believe only our contempt now.”  

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