Dobbs – Dem Stalling, Wasteful Game of Financial Dereliction And Security Risk

dobbs dems delay


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “the head clown and the Dems who have eagerly put their petty politics and pique ahead of national security, putting our nation at risk by delaying confirmations for President Trump’s cabinet nominees. The dilatory Democrats today delayed another vote, this on Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Another hearing set for the Senator a week from today.”

Dobbs continues, “Committee votes also originally scheduled for Betsy Devos, Rick Perry, and Ryan Zinke today, all delayed, all victims of the Dems’ unprincipled campaign to hobble the Trump nominees. The full Senate did manage to confirm Nikki Haley as US Ambassador to the United Nations. Good going and thanks,” Dobbs said with a hint of sarcasm, “but Haley is only the fourth of Mr. Trump’s cabinet nominees to be confirmed over the first five days, compared to seven confirmations for ‘president’ Obama on his first day.”

“The Dems are delivering,” says Dobbs, “on their threats to obstruct the confirmation process for this President, but Senate Republicans aren’t helping themselves. Tomorrow Republicans set to leave for a scheduled retreat in Philadelphia, retreating not just from Capitol Hill but from work to confirm those Trump nominees.”

Dobbs says, “The Senate not expected to vote on any nominees until next week now. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer today hitting obstructionist Democrats but also adding that President Trump expects no delay in getting his agenda through Congress, period.” He plays a clip of Spicer urging the Senate to “get it done,” and noting that the Dems should have to answer for stalling and time wasted.

Mr. Dobbs points out that the “Dems are burning far more than daylight. Each day of debt service, interest payments on the almost twenty trillion dollar debt costs another three billion dollars – per day. But the Dems are unimpressed by those numbers as the voters are with the Dems who keep wasting such vast amounts of taxpayer money.”

Dobbs adds, “The cycle goes on, but something tells me the cycle is about to be broken.”

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