Dobbs, Coulter – Appeasement, Capitulation, Politically Correct Isn’t Trump

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Ann Coulter joined Lou Dobbs, both of them in agreement that a coup is underway in the White House and desperately hoping that President Trump will come to grips with it and take the necessary actions to return us to where we were on November 8th, at least, where we thought we were.

Dobbs notes that the last time the two of them talked she was “a little wobbly” on the President, asking if she is now back fully supporting him or  if this is “a delicate time.” She hesitates and as Dobbs doesn’t really seem to get a grasp of in the remainder of the interview, a continuation down the current path will only successfully drive her away.

Coulter notes the comments of Dobbs’ previous guest who opined that “maybe it wasn’t a good idea to hire a bunch of people that were completely against your agenda.” She says, “Yeah, I think things would be going a lot better right now if we had all Jeff Sessions working in the Trump administration. I’m pretty sure he’s not leaking, it’s the only bright spot of this administration. And maybe this would be a time to notice that capitulating on the budgets and capitulating on the dreamers, continuing to print work permits unconstitutionally, for illegal aliens, something we all went crazy about, Obama’s doing it unconstitutionally, yeah, what’s happening under Trump? Still doing it; nothing on the wall.”

She continues, saying, “Putting Nikki Haley at the UN and Goldman Sachs filling up the White House. Well, that made them like you, Mr. President,” she says sarcastically, “good thinking on that. No, it’s not working. Why don’t you just keep your promises and at least you’ll have people loyal to you because they care about the country.”

Dobbs – This is an Effort to Overthrow the Government of the United States

Dobbs responds, “Ann, I take each of your points, they just don’t happen to be very helpful to the President right now. What should he do because we are watching, as we have been documenting on this broadcast for weeks and weeks and weeks. This is an effort to overthrow the government of the United States. This is nothing more, it is nothing less, and the White House acts like it is something of a clash between two very cultivated, civilized, opposing political parties. And nothing could…it’s sheer nonsense.

Coulter agrees, it is the entire bureaucracy, both political parties in Washington, and most importantly, the fourth branch of government, the media., who just will not let up on this completely insane theory that Putin wanted Trump and therefore he conspired with WikiLeaks to release emails showing that the DNC was trying to screw Bernie Sanders. I mean, that’s the underlying theory here.”

“All coming from people,” Coulter points out, “who were fine with the show trials , were fine with Russia as long as it was communist. Now that they’re afraid to see that communism isn’t coming back Russia has become this horrible evil. I mean, Trump is not molesting interns in the Oval Office, he isn’t running drugs to Mexico, he isn’t having a private [not very] server for his emails, or losing 30,000 emails. This just will not stop.”

Dobbs says Trump just indicted James Comey [overly optimistic perhaps] “who couldn’t successfully prosecute any of the scandals and outrages you’ve mentioned.  Coulter answers Dobbs’ question about what needs to happen, stating, “A lot of replacements need to be made to much of his cabinet. She asks Dobbs if he heard the comments of Secretary of State Tillerson in which he stated, “America has a lot to answer for for the violence we’ve caused in Mexico?” Dobbs says his blood has been boiling since he uttered those words, noting, “I don’t know what is going on in this White House, but it looks like these are the early stages of what is a collapsing organization, a collapsing power center, which just happens to be the greatest in the free world.

Dobbs – Had a Belly Full of Politically Correct Establishment Brought into that House

Dobbs gives it another try, asking Coulter, in view of all of her stated problems with the situation, if she is now supporting this president fully.  She hesitates, wanting only what we were promised when we voted for President Trump, to which Dobbs shares his frustrations. He says, “Let me be very clear with you, if I may. I want him to grab his Secretary of State by the nape of the neck. I want HR McMaster to keep saying ‘radical Islamist terrorist’ until he pukes. I’ve had a belly full of the politically correct establishment that he has brought into that sacred house, that was for so long, from November 8th, back to being the house of the people. And that I would desperately seek and I hope you would agree.

Dobbs continues to ask but never does receive the answer he’s looking for.

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3 Comments on Dobbs, Coulter – Appeasement, Capitulation, Politically Correct Isn’t Trump

  1. Kitty Corbett // May 24, 2017 at 8:42 pm // Reply

    Maybe there just aren’t enough committed conservatives among Trump’s prospective appointees, who have the backbone to stand firm, and fight if necessary, to fulfill the ideals which Trump enunciated before his election. And worse, he’s possibly being swayed by his son-in-law’s advice just because he’s a Jew. Most American Jews are, after all, Democrats by tradition. We need rock-solid conservatives, and only them, to reverse America’s decline and “Make America Great Again.”

  2. Dobbs is right, but whining Coulter I threw under the bus. She’s no expert and fails miserably to see the whole picture. She also does not seem to have a clue as to how the presidency works in terms of the difference between what constitutional powers he President actually has and what all presidents, going back decades have been “permitted” by the entrenched Establishment (congress, judiciary) now have, what support he needs from whom, and she completely fails to focus on his accomplishments, intentions and the struggles he encounters attempting to keep his promises, which are still the SAME promises he made during his campaign.

  3. I need to agree with Coulter, and don’t know if the populist agenda will actually be implemented. As I hear the neocons spinning their agenda on news outlets, demanding multiple trillions more, I am more convinced that this article maybe outlines our future.

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