Dobbs – Corporate Elites Challenge Trump For Rule Of America – That’s Fascism

dobbs bezos suing trump

Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts as the establishment fascists, the “corporatists, are broadening their against President Trump and in particular his policies to secure our borders and our ports and to control the flow of immigration and refugees into this country.”

“Interestingly,” notes Dobbs, “the two principle lobbyists for US multinationals are the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable. And they’ve been uncharacteristically quiet and out of sight as the corporate broadsides become more frequent and louder.”

Dobbs says, “Traditionally few CEOs have gone public with their politics, that’s changing. Those CEOs for years have feared they might alienate their customers but for some reason that tradition is being shattered, almost daily. One of the wealthiest men in this country is Jeff Bezos, he is the founder of Amazon and the owner of the Washington Post.”

“That makes him a pretty powerful fellow,” says Dobbs. “Bezos has not only unleashed the Post’s reporters, editorialists and columnists in the fight against the Trump White House, which almost hourly they contend on the front lines. He is now personally and publicly opposing the President’s executive order, weighing a legal challenge to counter the President’s executive order pausing refugee admissions and immigration from seven countries and instituting extreme vetting.

One point Mr. Dobbs doesn’t make is that Bezos’ adoptive father, Miguel Bezos, immigrated to the United States from Cuba at the age of 15, alone and as an illegal alien.  That could explain his intense loathing of policies that would prevent illegals and potential terrorists from entering the United States.

Dobbs says, “Joining Bezos and Amazon is Expedia, in a declaration of support for a lawsuit brought by the Washington State Attorney General. Microsoft also says it’s cooperating with the AG’s office in Washington on the effect of President Trump’s order. All three companies are, of course, headquartered in Washington.”

“But the assault against President Trump’s national security agenda,” says Mr. Dobbs, “extending to corporate leaders from Apple and Facebook and Google and Netflix and Ford, Goldman Sachs and Starbucks and the list goes on. The big multinationals, Wall Street, corporate America have chosen, in my opinion, poorly. They are for their reasons fighting a President who won the White House by challenging the status quo, challenging the establishment and the orthodoxies that all of those companies represent, that have allowed the globalists to cut jobs, to cut pay and to marginalize our middle class and the futures of a generation of Americans.”

Dobbs says, “The corporatists, the globalists and the elites will, I believe, soon learn they’re on the wrong side of history and President Trump on the right side. And from here on it is America first and American citizens have returned to being in charge of their government.

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6 Comments on Dobbs – Corporate Elites Challenge Trump For Rule Of America – That’s Fascism

  1. Looks like we are going to have to start boycotting a lot of companies that we use everyday so they will start listening to US. I’m sure President Trump knows all about these people and how they operate so he will have a good chance to stop them himself. Of course he is not taking any of it personally and will continue to do what is best for this country. Just ordering the laws to be followed is cracking the elitists up royally.

  2. Dr. Deplorable // February 1, 2017 at 12:47 pm // Reply

    Washington Post is a Nazi Post!

  3. These corporatist CEOS are, of course, entitled to their opinions. But if they start acting arrogantly – as if they owned the argument – Trump should slap them down, and fast.

    As you say: This all has a whiff of fascism about it. Hey boyos: Your wet dream of a totalitarian New World Order is not going to happen. The People just came out to greet the new sheriff in town. Suck it up.

  4. I thought lobbyists were being ‘outlawed’ for 5 years in Washington ??? OUST THE ELITISTS FROM DC ………….

    • The other washington, myworld2, the ones on the looney left coast, it’s their state AG that’s considering the action, the companies are headquartered there.

  5. Bezos and friends should learn the facts before spouting off. The law is:
    “Known as the McCarran-Walter Act, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 allows for the “Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by the President, whenever the President finds that the entry of aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.
    The President may, by proclamation, and for such a period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens, immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose any restrictions on the entry of aliens he may deem to be appropriate.”

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