Dobbs, Clarke – Another Cop Murdered, Sooner Obama Gone The Better

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Sheriff David Clarke joined Lou Dobbs to discuss the mess that Hussein Obama is leaving behind, not the least of which is the sorry state of the relationships between communities and police departments across the nation. The murder of an Orlando Police Officer by a suspect wanted for the murder of his pregnant girlfriend has Sheriff Clarke angered about what happened and the environment that Obama created that promotes it. An Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy also died from injuries sustained when on his motorcycle when a car turned into his path while searching for the murderous assailant.

Sheriff Clarke says, “I’ve read a lot about this situation during the course of the day, here is what I’m not reading. That this scumbag black man shot and killed a law enforcement officer, a mother of two, for heaven’s sakes. Alright, but if a law enforcement officer shoots a black guy that’s one of the first things that’s mentioned in any narrative, so, you know, of course my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the city of Orlando, the Orlando Police Department, but sometimes that’s not enough.”

Clarke continues, “You know I look at what’s going on with the ‘president.’ Thank God we only have eleven days left in his administration because he’s been an echo chamber for this anti-cop sentiment that has given rise to this; black lives matter.” Clarke points out that “Previously suspects were content to try to outrun the police, just flee, stay hidden, on the run, on the loose. But now they’re shooting first, as this individual did.”

He notes that “Obama put together this task force trying to transform the profession of policing. He has no idea what it’s like to be a law enforcement officer and how fast these things can happen. He suggests that cops should engage in dialogue first, he suggests less than lethal options first before they go to deadly force. How’d that work out for this Orlando Police Officer, she didn’t have a chance to engage in dialogue. She did what she’s trained to do. She’s a hero for heaven’s sakes.

Sheriff Clarke describes the interaction with Loyd as being one of those times where it is justifiable and appropriate to shoot first and ask questions later.

Dobbs mentions the comments of Hussein Obama to ABC “News” in which he stated he was absolutely convinced that race relations in this country are better. And “This is the ‘president’ who has not even discussed publicly the horrific crisis in Chicago.  We’re talking about 4,300 shootings, 762 people shot dead in Chicago and he’s talking about things are ‘just terrific’ as he endorses Black Lives Matter, talks all sorts of nonsense about law enforcement and social policy.”

Dobbs agrees, “It is maddening and as you point out, there is some solace in that fact of only eleven days of this remain.” Clarke replies, “Well, look, he’s hosted DeRay Mckesson, you know, that loon to the White House. People like Brittany Packnett, who he has on the twenty-first century task force on policing, she’s a stone-cold cop hater herself.”

He reminds us that Obama “Went to the funeral of five Dallas Police Officers and instead of just going there and expressing sympathy and empathy for what they were going through, he brings up this inane statement that it is reasonable for black parents to fear their kids coming into contact with law enforcement officers.”

An exasperated Sheriff Clarke reiterates, “He said that at the funeral of law enforcement officers. This is the kind of person that he is. Ideology trumps everything for him, you know, division, it’s an Alinsky tactic. He’s capitalized on that politically. That’s why I said, ‘The sooner this guy’s gone the better this country’s going to be.'”

sgt debra clayton

Sergeant Debra Clayton was Murdered by Markeith Loyd

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  1. Sheriff Clarke, I agree with you soundly and then some; however, in addition to you referring the shooter in Orlando being a ‘Bastard’—–the real ‘BASTARD’ is the perp that still occupies the WH for the next six days. The FRAUD is illegitimate, incompetent, and all to soon to be irrelevant; Thank GOD !

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